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New member starting at 45yr old


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10 hours ago, LB208 said:

Thankyou I have struggled with mental health and this is my of starting again and starting to enjoy my life again don’t think I will ever be better than hopeless but doesn’t matter??

Hopeless doesn't matter and it is not 'the taking part', it is about enjoying yourself and having fun.  When I started out I could barely beat little kids on Beta mini trails on the beginners route.  Two years or so later those little kids were riding the novice route while I was still back at the beginners route!  It doesn't matter, you will never be Toni Bou but you will have your own measurement of success to please you.  My best friend and riding partner was an amputee having lost his right leg from above the knee.  We were both hopeless but in equal measure for different reasons!  Four years running we took a week out and traveled to Spain to take part in a 2 day twinshock trial, we never finished and only ever completed half of the trial in 4 years!  It didn't matter, the event itself was a fabulous thing to be a part of.  It should be all about having fun on a Sunday rather than just watching!

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