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Bultaco 159 steering bearing


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Hi, I'm Scott from the UK, I have just recently signed up on here, I am in the process of restoring a 1976 bultaco 159,

I'm wondering if anyone would know the steering bearing number, this is the upgraded taper bearing and race?

id like the number to I can source one from my local bearing shop.

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These bearings are so specialised (replacing ball thrust bearings, equally specialised) that even with a number, if indeed you could ever find one, there is no chance that you will find them at your local bearing shop.

(This is of course a chance for someone to reveal which local bearing shop has them in stock - and prove me wrong ...........!!)

Good luck with your quest, anyway.

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The bearing is 25mm ID and 45mm OD.  The depth of the bearing housing in the frame headstock is 11m.  Whether 11mm is the actual measurement of the bearing height I don't know without measuring an original, it may be 12mm.

If you can find a bearing 25x45x11 you'll do well.

Pyramid parts sell Bultaco bearings off the shelf and as Carl said they are 25x45x12. They fit fine. You'll also do well to find this size at a local stockist.

I would guess the In Motion bearings are the same but I haven't used them.  I first fitted tapers about 15 years ago and the only source with a direct replacement was Pyramid, no-one else did them and I bought a number to keep me stocked for future rebuilds. Millers sold a kit but they weren't the right depth and needed the big nut that tensions the top bearing machined to make them fit.

All Sherpas are the same size bearing

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I would try your local or special onlie bearing dealer, because, you often get no name bearings from our parts supplieres and I had issues with no name bearings, especially with wheel bearings and engine bearings, therefore I now only buy them from motorcycle part dealers if they can confirm my personal needs in terms of quality and brand.

I personal prefer FAG (German) bearings, then SKF (from Sweden), then NSK (from Japan), last not least INA also from Germany.

Who pays cheap pays twice ...



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39 minutes ago, trialsrfun said:

Simply Bearings Ltd ~ Oil Seals SKF FAG TIMKEN KOYO NTN NKE TRULOC Needle Rollers Taper Rollers Rod Ends Oil Filled Bushes Loose Balls O Rings Grease Plain Thrust

The above company are very helpful but why not buy from Inmotion Bultaco UK when they have them in stock?

As mentioned it is not only the size that matters too the quality. And I have got no name products from different classic motorcycle parts suppliers and stores and learned my lesson, ask about the ressource and specific product before you buy if it is not clearly answered written uo in advance or before you buy.

 Most bearing sellers do mention beside tyoe and measurements too the quality and brand.

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