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Snatchy Clutch on 2020 EVO Factory


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Not something I thought too much of until I rode the Vertigo Vertical we just got in the shop. Still, the clutch on the Beta seems to engage quickly/hard even with a determined effort to feed it in very precisely. Because it's the Factory EVO it already has the good plates spec'd - could this be mitigated by changing from the Motul TransOil Expert 10w40 to a different fluid? Swapping clutch springs?

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I'd try a fully synthetic light gear oil w75.  10 w40 sounds a bit too heavy for a modern trials bike gearbox. 

My mate has a 2021 factory Beta and that clutch was snatchy until we changed the oil and it is better now, but still not as smooth as my Gas Gas.

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There's a pdf out there somewhere that details 5 or 6 ways of configuring the factory clutch.

The most progressive configuration has the top hat spaces turned to reduce the spring preload and the two thicker plates swapped out for thin ones. 

The oil can make a difference but brands seem to make as much difference as grades.

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I’d want to see the plates before I assumed they were “good”. It’s been decades that Beta have been saying “improved” clutch. And each was a half hearted fix that didn’t address the real issues. See the clutch fix thread pinned to the top of this forum.

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