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Rebuild a 250 Alpina 1974 type 115


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The bike, the first target is to start the engine with a clean carburetor / exhaust and of course wheels (Tires/ spokes).

I will manage to have a Vermont registration its's means lights, horn with probably a new ignition with 12 volts supply.

A long way to go 😪



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Today I cleaned up the rear wheel, waiting the spoke to replace the 2 broken one.

I also got the tires at a fare price (105 USD).

Question: the gears are in left side, how are they working :

1N2345 or 54321N ?🤨

Thank you





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Other item is the exhaust, my is badly cut 🤮

I found a cheap one in UK, to repair the old one is possible however the final cost will be the same (Welding, sand blasting, painting....).

Wait and see...





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I received the exhaust and it will fit, the fork tubes are difficult to slide out of the clamps 🥴 .

Top end is schedule for this week, it will give me a good overview from the engine status 🙂.

I bought this table in Ebay: Powerstands Racing POWERPLATFORM Powerplatform Portable Work Table.

A good deal and easy to store when not in use...




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