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Rebuild a 250 Alpina 1974 type 115


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Today: Cleaning from the frame with HP water.

Removing the steering head bearings, I am looking for good quality Steering Bearings Tapered  (not Chinese one).

The originals were 45 years old, I need 45 more ☺️


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You are very fortunate to only have those frame repairs required. The following model Alpina (137/138) was their first attempt at using a fancy alloy steel for the frame tubes and when I rebuilt my model 138, the frame was cracked in about 10 places, which I believe is a fairly common situation. It was worth rebuilding it though. The 138 is a fabulous bike to ride as I'm sure your 115 will be

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Where did you end up getting the seat from?  Also, would it be possible to post a couple close-up shots of the frame while it is still bare? Namely the area of the exhaust hanger on the right side seat stay (just down from the shock mount) and also the seat mounting bracket that runs horizontally between the tubes just to the rear of the main vertical tube? Mine has some weird things going on in those areas and I'd like to put it right.


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I bought the seat https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product-category/parts/twinshock/bultaco/seats-bultaco/

I will had some pictures soon, I need to understand why the seat is not on line with the frame and the gas tank: Frame or position from the screws under the seat ?

Gas tank and seat must be in one piece before lying in the frame...


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