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Euro 5 pollution standards, Beta shock brand.

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Hello to all.   Looking at gas gas txt 250-280-300 cc bikes.  On one site it was said these engines comply with euro - 5 standards.  Does this mean they are jetted lean ? And or do they have a cataltic converter hidden in the exhaust system ?   Also, anyone know what brand of rear shock is on 2021 Bets 300 ss ?  rebuildable ?    I have asked dealer when the 2022 Beta trials bikes will be shipped to America--  no one has any idea here---   Pardon the spelling mistakes-- 

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The Euro 5 standards are just coming in for bikes (https://www.acem.eu/new-euro-5-environmental-standard-for-motorcycles-and-mopeds-to-enter-into-force-in-2020)

As best I understand it type approval is not required for competition machines and so trials bikes do not need to comply.  Not sure about the exact details.

Micky is right about the Sachs and again my understanding is they are not designed to be rebuilt but there are repairers that can do (here in Europe anyway). https://aftermarket.zf.com/go/en/sachs/products/cars-and-vans/sachs-performance/repair-service/

You can view the drawing of the latest Beta exhausts in the partfinder - https://www.beta-uk.com/index.php?route=common/partsfinder - there is no cat in it.

[edit] The gas-gas also has no cat - it is not a requirement for Euro5.  I cannot find what they have actually done to meet the standards on their website.  I guess it must actually meet it for them to publicise it. 

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