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Sherco ST 300 Factory (MY22) 2022 - Faulty header


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13 hours ago, Nishijin said:

Good luck with the new pipe. If you keep the original, maybe a local tig welder can clean it up and you have a spare for the inevitable dents?


All the same, I feel inclined to say my ‘16 ST300 has much nicer welds than even that replacement. Shame to see the standards drop, especially in such a small market like trials. 

I totally agree, the header on my 2016 ST300 is also miles better, you would have thought quality would progressively get better but apparently not.

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I would have tought that a picture of the header that was installed on the bike posted on this site would ring a bell at the distributor office if not at Sherco head office and someone would have picked up the phone and made sure that the replacement would have been top quality. I guess it will be because of the.......


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