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Can’t comment specifically on your bike, shocks make big difference in how bike feels grips and responds over the ground. I’m assuming you need to replace as old ones aren’t up to it. Budget will play a part, if you want to spend the most then probably rockshocks, I’ve never used them but been very happy with njb ultimates on a bsa c15 and Fantic and falcons, but have betor on a bike now and again happy with them. Most companies now make them different lengths  and with spring rates to suit rider. 

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On 2/18/2022 at 3:34 AM, slowrider said:

Any recommendations for my 199B Sherpa? Just how important are the shocks in trials? Im an old slow fat guy.. 

Ask this question in Bultaco Forum to get best answers.

You will need a slender shock to avoid chain interference or at least a shock that can be inverted. What appear to be 1980's Gas Girlings in your original post in "Bultaco" have an overall spring diameter of roughly 50mm, some shocks such as magicals are 56/57mm. Falcon shocks are slender at 50/51mm, do some more research.

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