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Beta Rev-3 250 2T 2008 - front fork tech advise


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Hi, I have a technical question concerning the front suspension legs.

I just replaced the oils seals of the front fork of my beta Rev-3 2008. I took everything apart, cleaned everything thoroughly, reassembled them with the new oil seals and put 350cc of oil in the left fork and 370 cc in the right one (according to the prescriptions). 
But then the problem comes along. I first tightened up the right fork plug when the leg was totally compressed, so the leg was very short and when I pulled it out it automatically went back to the be very short. My mistake!  So I unlocked the top plug, fully extended the leg and then re-tightened the plug. I did the same fore the left leg. But when I mount them into the clamps the right leg is a bit longer then the left one. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? If not, what to do here?

Second problem is the rear tyre. My dealer mounted a new tyre and inner tube, but there is no clamp on the tyre! That really does not make any sense to me. Can anyone advise?

Kind regards

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55 minutes ago, overdale said:

The spring leg limits the travel of the forks within the stroke of the damping leg so that the damping device does not reach it's limits of travel and suffer damage. 

Attached are instructions for fitting/venting the legs for an EVO but will also stand for the Rev-3. 

Hope this helps! 

EVO Fork levels & fit to bike.pdf 109.47 kB · 3 downloads

Thanks a lot, this is very helpful.

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