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315 clutch slave filled with oil


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Hi. I've recently bought a 315r. It's been suffering with bad clutch drag which I've now sorted with a new clutch pack, master and slave orings, elf oil and all bled up and working perfectly.

When removing the clutch slave to inspect the piston and orings I found a pool of fluid inside, initially I thought the piston orings were passing fluid, so they were changed for genuine parts.  

Since fixing the clutch I've had another look inside the slave cylinder to find another pool of fluid, im presuming this is gearbox oil passing through the hole which the push rod is inserted.

So my question is, is it normal for for a small amount of oil to pass through the push rod from the clutch side, or do I have another problem to fix.


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I haven't ever owned a 315 but I have also never seen that on any of bike I have ever owned with hydrophilic clutch setups and would not expect that ever to happen.  (two 4T Montesa's 4RT and 300RR, Gas Gas 125, Beta 80)

Wish I could provide a better answer, good luck. 

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Although I haven’t had the slave cylinder off a 315 for many years. I think that should be normal. There isn’t anything stopping the gearbox oil entering the push rod hole. It will help it all operate smoothly.

If it works correctly, isn’t any sign of leakage and doesn’t use any oil then I would think it’s job done.

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The statement was "inside the slave cylinder" so I thought that would be bad, however with the way your saying it maybe I am thinking the wrong thing and its just inside where the rod is only?  If only inside where the rod is being actuated by the slave then yes that would be fine, if passed the seals inside where the DOT4 fluid is that would be bad. 

Hope its just in the push rod hole and not actually inside the slave cylinder. 

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Thanks for the replys.

The small pool of oil is forming in the space where the clutch slave is bolted to. Im presuming it's leaking past the push rod from the clutch side, there is no oil seal in the push rod hole, only a brass bushing. 

I have renewed the slave o-rings with genuine o-rings, all bled up and working perfectly with no leaks.

Hopefully it's job done and I can enjoy riding it without it contantly dragging and stalling.



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