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Position of clutch and front brake levers

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I tried adjusting the levers and riding around the block today. I installed the lanyard in place of the engine stop button as well.

The bike feels much better. I can't shake off the feeling that the clutch isn't fully disengaging though, I will check again tomorrow.

> Problem with having them pointing down is you can end up riding wrong and putting a lot of weight on the bars , riding with straight legs

This. I feel it was much easier lifting the front wheel today.

About the handlebar, is the overall position too forward?


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I could give you my setup but I don't think that your the same height and have the same arm lenght ..... All that plus the handle bars position, the type of levers and so on. I srarted with a neutral setup and reposition all the control including brake and shifter so I am confortable.

One other thing, you could copy Tony Bou setup, but I don't think you ride exactly like him, ( that's what I told myself when I setup my bike )



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I don't know if it's because i have small arthritic hands, but it's easier for me to use my middle finger, i think you have more control on the grips when using the middle finger especially for the clutch?

When using the middle finger the hand is closed around the grip, if you use the the first finger, the part closest to the the grip ridge i'll call it, is not as secure, i did a fair bit of martial arts when i was young, & we always worked out the best way to use our body parts etc for ourselves when training.

The middle finger definitely seems to give me more control on my Trials, Enduro & MTB bikes, i've tried the first finger but it doesn't work for me, i only started using 1 finger about 10yrs ago @ the age of 59, it just seems so natural to me so i will keep doing it this way.

I remember when somebody said you only need to use1 finger, use the first finger, i tried this, but if i was on a trail ride longer than 50Klm plus i would revert back to 2 fingers, with the middle finger i can do 100Klm trail rides & have no problem with using the middle finger all day long :)

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I was riding yesterday, and as usual I used the first finger. Just for fun, I tried the midle finger for a while. It realy does not work for me, funny thing, I only use the middle finger for front and rear brake when riding my bicycle witch I ride a lot .


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