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125cc or 250cc?


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My 13 year old son has started learning to ride a motorbike, and is cutting his reeth on a sy250 scorpa which is on long term loan from a friend.  It's a little big for him, but has been fine to get the basics.  I'd intended to move him onto a 125cc which might be a little lighter and easier to manage, but a couple of friends have suggested he stick with the 250.

What's the consensous on the best route to build his skills and confidence? Is there any advantage of moving him to a 125 or should he stick with the older 250?

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If you're serious about him progressing then get a 125, kids flick them about so much better and feel more confident on them. That being said if he just likes riding about and you dont have the intention of him entering events he will probably have as much fun on the 250 

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I think that is body and skill are often the best guide for that choise, I mean even if he is tall and muscular but not very ''at ease'' yet on a bike go 125, he might be small and skinny but confortable on a bike than the 250 might be a good option. Don't look at him with a father's eye to choose and if you have a chance, have him ride a 125, he also have a say on the bike he want to ride.


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thanks for your comments. My local club runs AMCA regs, so allows him to ride a 250, but I thnk faussy is right that he will be able to manage the 125 better, and it will help him get more confident.  

Suspect I need to spend some money.

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