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minimum requirement to use road registered trials bike on the road

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15 hours ago, crankcase said:

how do the scottish six day riders manage it?

No huge number plates there?

I guess I can use the GPS speedo app on my phone if needed.


They stick a full sized number plate on their backpack, Police seem to turn a 'blind eye'

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13 hours ago, crankcase said:


If it works for fort william it will work for me, seems they set a precedent, I can use that if it needs to go that far.


I doubt that would wash in Englandshire

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I guess - if you "take a chance" - it will be down to the individual copper that stops you.  Some are OK, many are not.  Some hate motorbikes of any type.  Some care about crime and might be interested to see if the bike is stolen as it falls outside of their normal experiences.  Some will be just plain wrong and try to pinch you for no lights or some other issue.

Personally I would try to fit a proper full size plate and use a bracket that can be removed easily when you get to the off road bit.  I found a bracket that did that on ebay, but it was a bit cheap and cheerful so not very good.  Maybe fabricate something?

Whatever - just expect hassle.

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