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Hi, I have a 349 white wonder which I've owned for about 4 years. It's tatty as hell but starts and rides well. I've not done much to it apart from registering it for road use, new crank seals, a new OKO carb and a new chain and sprockets to up the gearing so it's usable on the road, which is ineresting to say the least. I use it once, maybe twice, a year so I'm thinking of selling it unless it's worthless 'cos of condition.

What do people think? Ideal project that someone will take my arm off for or piece of junk that's not woth its scrap value?






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Can't say for sure the value but running is a good start.  In good condition I remember seeing one that got picked up in the US for something like ~3k USD not to long ago but in the UK/EU I wouldn't know.  Sorry and good luck.

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Here you'd be looking about about 1K euros, 2.5K for a fully restored one with the road kit etc.

I bought mine for 1K GBP in the UK, road registered with an MOT, in a bit better condition than yours (but far from factory fresh, lol) - that was 5 years ago now, I think

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