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2021 Montesa 301 - Trouble Cold Starting


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I’ve got a new, 1.5 hour Montesa 301. Bike has always been incredibly easy to start. 1-2 lazy kicks and it runs. I had the bike sat for some time running VP Trials fuel, no ethanol. Now coming back to use it, bike goes to start but barley idles on the first kick where it now struggles to stay running. It then takes many kicks before you can get it up and running again, once you get it going you need to crack the throttle to keep the rpm elevated slightly and then from there it runs flawlessly. Is it possible that I may need to swap a spark plug? Not sure what’s causing this with less than 2 hours on the bike.

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On 8/11/2022 at 12:45 PM, Japzap643 said:

What is the best practice to check idle? Dealer tool? How are you getting accurate RPM?

I got an hour meter with tachometer integrated.

No affiliation just liked the mount and meter.

Meter: https://www.hardlineproducts.com/product/hourtach-meter/

Mount: https://www.hardlineproducts.com/product/hour-meter-instrument-style-mount/

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