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Broken shim in rebound side of marazocchi 40mm


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Screenshot_20230109_223639_Gallery.thumb.jpg.b2972e4565c8932c5173a6d852a69f12.jpgI'm struggling to figure out where the broken shim is from, it fell out when I released the sealing piston....

I've looked at some drawings but I still don't  see?

Any advice greatly appreciated. 

The shim is approx 0.1 mm shim
10mm I.d
20mm o.d.


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Arnoux that is fantastic help thank you very much.  I have spent quite some time searching for this information but not realising this great video exists...

Seems like I need a bent shim washer.. it makes sense now...

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On 1/12/2023 at 7:47 AM, garydwall said:

Im trying a light piece of spring... might last a bit longer.  Screenshot_20230112_154505_Gallery.thumb.jpg.b3d3dfe469add2aa367d09eb18d21ab8.jpg

Gary, how is the spring holding up versus using wave washer? Can you provide info on what type of spring you used such as length, diameter, where you bought it, etc.? Thanks 

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