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ACU Sport 80 Question


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The most basic way to set up an ACU system trial is to log on and pay the twenty quid for a permit and then you can do the rest on the day as before. So one club person needs a computer. The AMCA expects request for permit by e mail also but may accept postage, don't know. So the basic thing is a computer and as far as I know all the on line booking is in effect still optional. I was grumpy about the Sport 80 on line setting up format as it is not intuitive, however if that is how a club wishes to do it, and and you use it regularly it gets easier and easier and no paperwork on the day. So i'm told.



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Still cannot get the sport 80 site to process a trial entry. I'm decently web and computer literate and find it hard to believe I'm alone. The entries for my local club appear to be about a third to half of the total I would expect at this time of year, with 48 hours to the entry deadline. Would have tolerated problems for a month or two, but 5 months into '23 is unacceptable.

Any thoughts on effective ways of complaining to the ACU and pushing them to dispense with sport 80?

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it's a long slog many of us are working on, there is more help from the ACU HQ.

some clubs still need help with raising permits / setting up events with the platform, if done well it does make it easier, there are still many making errors that make it hard to enter. i think by most accounts the club membership side of thing seams to be working.

on the other side of the equation the riders are still struggling, and they too need help. if the rider hasn't got their club membership, licence, medical, etc then they stuggle to enter. the challenge is how to help these riders, often require other riders, club officlas to help them through the process, which obviosuly requires them to au fait with it all.

there have been several clubs that have got on well with it, but there are many that are nervous / put off, and by your account is that too with riders? especailly the infrequent / casual rider - that is something i'm finding very hard to tell from the events i've ridden/ run, with other theorising te econmic climate and/or the recent bad weather as a reason...

the ACU HQ tells us more delopments are coming, quiete what that functionality is / etc we await to see

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Hopefully, I'll hear something back from the help request form today, or that will be another trial missed because the sport:80 site doesn't work. This forum doesn't see much traffic these days, but surprised we're not hearing more of other riders having similar problems. I've tried it on up to date firefox and several iterations of chromium browsers, but the sport:80 interface puts the process into an endless loop every time, so it is impossible to complete the entry and pay.

Do club riders chat online on Facebook or something? - it would be worth investigating if they are having trouble.  If the problems at the competitor end are widespread this is a priority to address because there is no point putting on trials if they are difficult or impossible to enter. Trials riders are a polite bunch and especially the less confident will think "Oh well, I don't want to make a fuss. I'll try and enter next month", until they give up and drift away.

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It might be worth contacting the event organiser if you cannot book on the platform.  We have accepted some on-the-day entries recently.  Provided a rider has a current ACU licence it should be possible.

I don't know anyone in our club having any problems as a rider.  We have had 50+ entries recently, rather more than normal.  There are still a few things to iron out on the other side - putting the events on and working out the money side, but we have no negative feedback on entries.

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