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Ssdt Routes

slapshot 3

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It is indeed - they're sections that Willie and Mark found the weekend before he died (and apparently they're not simple, so be warned!).  :wall:

A very fitting tribute and I hope they work out and become regular sections. I believe Willie would rather have had sections to remember him by as opposed to a memorial trophy. I can picture it now - "Yer nae haein' ony bloody bit o' silver wi ma name on it". The sections thing is a good call.

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There is a story to WD's section

Myself and Willy were heading to Fort William for a meeting and we had a bit of time to spare - we went over the ferry to look at finding some extra sections between GlenUig and Salen - all of a sudden Willy swerves over the road jumps out of the car and fights his way through bushes. He came out with that mischievous grin of his, having found some cracking sections just by the roadside. We went for a further look and ended up going to the meeting with wet shoes and bits of gorse bush sticking out of our hair. - that was less than a week before he died.

A squad of us went back a couple of weeks ago and cleaned them out - typical WD sections - put it this way they will not be easy :wall:

They overlook one of the most beautiful spots in Scotland and are only a few hundred yards from one of the most famous sections in ssdt history, devils staircase. They should be a fitting tribute.

as for Flemmings Falls - if you want a clue, you will come out the top shaken. :D

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as for Flemmings Falls - if you want a clue, you will come out the top shaken. :wall:

Come on then OTH, it's obviously a reference to James Bond and Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond but can't think what :wall: scenes in a film shot there, From Russia with Love???

other than that:

Ancient Clan battle involving the Fleming's: don't think so

Reference to Alexander Fleming inventor of Penicilin: too tenuous and he was another Ayrshireman anyway.

Reference to Kenny Fleming ex Scottish Trials Champion ???

The pie company in the north east....

the things you do on a boring Saturday afternoon at work :D:blink:

Come on Mark don't leave us hanging

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