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The Ishy / Perce Debate

highland lassie

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Anybody who hasn't been sleeping for the last few months will know that our very own Ishy and Perce are both riding the SSDT - and what with Ishy declaring his outright superiority and Perce shedding the pounds at a rate of knots, it's shaping up to be a tough competition between them. :D

It's two years since Ishy rode the SSDT and at that point he beat Perce by 13 marks, so I think the gauntlet has been thrown down this year and Perce is right up for the challenge....so the question on everybody's lips must be who is winning so far? Play along...! :o

Well, after 11 sections (that's Leanachen, Bradilieg, Loch Eilde Cottage, Loch Eilde Mor and Schoolhouse) I can tell you that Ishy is edging ahead with 5 dropped whereas Perce is hot on his tail with 8 down. Ishy lost two on the last sub at Bradilieg and three on the second at Loch Eilde Cottage (could still be suffering from the overindulgences of Saturday night?), whereas Perce dropped one on each of the two Leanachen sections (adjusting to the combination of weight loss and the 4RT perhaps?), one at Loch Eilde Cottage, two at Loch Eilde Mor and a three on the last sub at Schoolhouse.

Now I'd better go and do some proper work - more updates when I get a spare second! :D

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Well, I'm pleased to say they both appear to have found their way back to the Parc Ferme (and are probably tucked up in their beds as we speak!)

Day 1 sees Ishy take the win with an impressive 54 marks lost (although his bro did even better on 29!) but Perce is hot on his heels! He's on 60 marks lost, so it's going to be fun and games tomorrow...as long as Ishy hasn't hit the bar. :D

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After the opening sections at Laggan Locks, Ishy's slowly pulling away (slowly being the operative word, by all accounts, eh Ishy?!) :D

There's three subs there, and Ishy's clean through all of them whereas Perce has dropped two marks on the second, so the gap is up to 8 points. For now anyway....that Perce is a determined so-and-so when he gets going so I can't see it staying that way for long! :D

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It's another quiet spell in the office, and seeing as Perce and Ishy are lying low here's a quick update on some of the other TC faces riding the trial (well, the ones that I know anyway!)

Gizza5 has dropped two for the day, coincidentally on the same section as Perce - he's on 96 at the moment, so he's a bit behind Ishy and Perce but he's probably having far more fun!! Gizza's sidekick Army Man has also dropped two so far - one on each of the first and third subs on Laggan - but he's only on 80 so far. Staggiedog's also dropped two on the second section and he's on 86 at the moment, so I suspect there's a mini competition going on there too!

Young Girl Sunt has dropped 5 today and is on 88 (giving the boys a run for their money!), Timp's on 80 at the moment having dropped 1 on the second sub, Baldilocks is on 56 and is clean for the day so far, Sharpy's dropped two for the day and is sitting on 72 (drives much like Kinell apparently.....very fast!!!), Trialero is on 31 having dropped 2 for the day so far, Physco has dropped three and is on 51 at the moment, BoydW's dropped 2 and has 36 just now, but top of the pile is StuHRC who's clean so far and on a total of 26 - nice one Stu! :D

Now I'd better stop pretending I'm busy and do something constructive. Ciao! :D

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Yup - Perce dropped an impressive 44 for the day, leaving him on 104 overall, whereas Ishy dropped 15 more, putting him on 113 overall. That means Perce is in front by 12 places just now...but both are in 1st class award territory, which ain't bad going for two old codgers. :D

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