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The Ishy / Perce Debate

highland lassie

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Nae chance! Half of them will gurn at me for posting their scores on here anyway, so I'll leave them to tell you who they are when they get back....if they want to! :D

However, I will give you an updated leaderboard when I get a mo - will that do instead? :D

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I had him worried on the first day, from that point on! he claimed every day, except Fri. when we tied.

I had a great week, with a bad score on Wed, felt good and was riding well, just got the big five blues, and all seemed to go wrong in the score department Wednesday.

Must say!! I thought it was my most enjoyable SSDT yet, and even though I never reached my goal of a first class award, I came home with a big grin.

My brother David, missed the top two sections at Ba house on Thursday, after tweaking his knee on Wed and prior daily scores being around 30/day, he thought it wouldn't make sense to carry on and possibly damage his knee any further.

No complaints he has ridden the sections many times before and knows he has only himself to blame for missing them, [never leave the hill until you see the END OF HILL card ]

My rider of the week award must go to Laia Sanz, the girl rode brilliant all week and had more than a few top riders worried, in 28th position and improving Thursday night, a unfortunate tangle with a car nearing the end of the day Friday, put her out of the event, I see a top ten finish for Laia, in the near future.

The trial had some tough days, but also had some easier days, daily scores for me around what I have lost in prior years, only criticism I can think of, would be! some tough sections were just too long for me, Saturdays course was spot on for the last day, and it would of been very easy to make it a tough day, but I think it was a smart move easing up on the course, allowing the clubman to go home with good memories of the event.

Past event's I have ridden I came away thinking never again, for some reason this year even after saying this was to be my last SSDT before the event, I feel more like I would ride again next year than I have before.

A big thanks to all the observers, course markers and officials, and last but not least HL and all the office staff for keeping us all in order, where else in the world could you see so many truly dedicated trials enthusiasts in the same place the same week, they are the ones that make the SSDT the worlds best trials event. :D:D:wall:

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