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Any Pictures Of The Moor Crossing?


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Since i live in a country under sea level i know my mudholes, so i am espcially keen on any mud pictures.

Has anyone taken some moor crossing pictures, and can give me a link?

Much appreciated :D

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I think you'll get better than that....I'm saying nothing more just now, but keep an eye on the front page over the next few days!

Highland Lassie Posted Today, 01:53 PM

I feel a helmet-cam moment coming on that was spoke about earlier in the week.

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:wall: No muddy pictures then?

I once saw this picture on this forum of a bike, parked in a mudpool. :D

I was hoping of more of them this year.

Over the hill, and Highland lassie, do they not dare to come near the mudholes, the cameraman? Is it so remote, that area?

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I thought the moors were pretty dry this time with the exception of Annat.

One of the best bits of the SSDT for me is going across those trackless moors, don't think there's any other trial that you get that opportunity.

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