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  1. What's to say that the world championship wont follow suit, may be for once the ACU is ahead of the game.
  2. "The undisputed number one on the British Trials scene, James Dabill, is to join the Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team as official rider for the brand for the next two years where he will be taking part in three great competitions: the indoor X-Trial World Championship and the outdoor World Trial Championship, as well as the Spanish Trial Championship. Dabill’s competition schedule for next year also includes prestigious international events such as the Scottish Six Days Trial and the Scott Trial." Note no British Championship included.
  3. Thanks for the advice all, bike back running have ditched the ducati system and fitted a Kokusan set up bought from a breakers a newer bike.
  4. Looking for some hints and advice about my 2007 250 PRO, last week the bike died suddenly with lack of spark, not really been able to locate which part has died but due to the lack of available parts for the Ducati system it looks as tho it may end up being a conversion to a Kokusan system from a newer bike which seems a common thing to do. My question has any one done it on a 2007 is it reasonably straight forward and do all the bits fit in the space above the radiator or does it involve moving some of the parts else where on the bike.
  5. I see it's that time of year again to think about tickets for Sheffield indoor, haven't been for many years but think its time to give a visit again ( I went to the first) this time to take my 5 year old son. The big question is can you choose your seats when booking and where is a good area to sit (imagine too close is no good as too low) and where is a good place to stay close by? Any tips gratefully recieved.
  6. dab-man

    Routes Announced

    I bet every rider is gutted to miss that 25 mile Thursday morning ride. Not
  7. dab-man

    Engine Debut

    Its getting very close to the SSDT do you think they will unveil the bike in Fort William (very brave move if they do) if not what will Doug ride?
  8. Its great to see the two brits top of the pile. Shame Graham is not riding the scott tomorrow as think he would start as one of the favorites, and would love to see him back at the SSDT.
  9. Thanks for the info going to try an get there.
  10. Can anyone tell me is this trial this Saturday 21st July or Sunday 22nd and what is the start time.
  11. Looks like after lap 1 Bou is a mile in front from Raga.
  12. Brilliant video gives a good idea of what the trial was about, was a great weekend with sensible sections for my ability on the clubman route, definetly alot easier than last year,but think that might have had something to do with the weather 2 perfect days this year.
  13. dab-man

    SSDT 2011 video

    Ive got a 2008,2009,2010 & just about to order my 2011. Looking forward to watching it with my two and half year old son we have nearly worn out the previous ones as he loves them and there isnt many days go by when we dont watch a bit of one of them.
  14. Is this possibly a sign that Beta are not happy with James performance this year as surly the aim was regular top 5 finishes and that hasnt been happening so they have decided to cut their loses and save a buck or two?
  15. Will there be an Trials Central DVD of the six days available this year?
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