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340 Bultaco Refurb


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Hi Guys

Resto looks good, I am currently rebuilding a 199a white frame model but I am struggling with the swing arm bushes which are a Sammy Miller replacement set. I have cleaned out the inside of the swing arm but when I fit the Nylon outer it grips the metal inner bush. Advice from Sammy Miller mechanic was 'turn down' the nylon outer but this seems a bit hit and miss as I don't have a lathe. Anybody had similar experience or provide any advice which would be gratefully received


GP :thumbup:

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Hey Diggler. I always thought the 199A , as distinct to the 199(Red tank model ) already had the extra 2 inches ( top and bottom ) as standard.

I have a letter from Reg May re my old 199 showing how to do this mod on the 199, written about 1980.

On that subject, did the 199B have the same pipe length as the 199A


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great restoration! :thumbup:

sorry to hyjack your thread but can anyone confirm the correct colour match for an early 'Slimline Sherpa T' frame, I believe 'Ford Siver Fox' is the nearest but I just wondered if any of you guys know any different.

It is actually for a 74' Bultaco Chispa I am restoring but it is basically a scaled down Sherpa T.

thanks chaps :thumbup:

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Thanks for the positive comments Big John. I have been unable to locate the correct handlebars for the 199B. I have competed about seven T/S trials with it since last Autumn and it is really superb to use. However it will now retire into the dining room with the others. (I'm sure you must understand BJ. and you, frontroomautos!)

The 159 now has the round Sherpa T decals fitted, and correct mudguards will be bought when I can manage to prise the chequebook open (again). They are quite expensive.

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