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  1. Great film. The biggest thing for me is to, once again, note that exhaust note-regardless of model, all Sherpa Ts seem to have the same engine note Some day, someone should do a project on all of our past motor racing heroes ( both cars and bikes ) who put their legs over a trials bike at some time
  2. Re Magicals I understand that " Magicals " includes rear shocks and fork spring kits Does the range also include FORK VALVE KITS for the BETOR forks on Bultacos Finally, can someone provide me with the name and email of a UK based supplier
  3. Try Bultaco Parts in Oz Look at www.bultacoaustralia.com
  4. I have an 03, which had a factory gliche from new The pickup tube on the petrol tap was too long, cutting of fuel after a burst of throttle. Theres a fix on Wayne Thai's site Probably not causing your problem, but check it while you are at it
  5. Just a thought The early 03 models had a problem INSIDE the tank. The pickup tube from the tap was too long, cutting out fuel if heavy demand occured ( a burst up a longish climb ) There was a Sherco warning on the matter
  6. Not much on the new OSSA for a while The country of origon, Spain, is one of the PIGS European countries which are under threat with round 2 of the GFC Just curious. Most economists would agree now is not the best time in Europe to be starting a company manufacturing a liesure product targeted at discretionary spending Just hope their loans are not up for renegotiation soon
  7. Don't forget the linear sprin on the cable between the backing plate lug and the actuatot brake arm. helps the brakes shoes stay off the shoes This item reminds me that, at least here in Oz, when the next shipment, not just the next model, arrived at the Bultaco dealer and featured little improvements such as the threaded adjuster which was inserted into that ( now slotted ) brake lug, Enthusiasts immediately ordered the necessary parts from Spain if the improvement was worth it. Another example of owner " improvement " was the first angled carburetor inlet stub on the first Sherpa T 325 ( second run ) which was immediately retrofitted to many models. That mod stopped a lot of carby problems in our hot weather That practice challenges those " experts " ( or is that model " Nazis" , as in Seinfeld ) who say such and such model has/had a particular design feature at a specific date, particularly when the " expert " is unaware the particular bike being used as the basis of the opinion has been " improved " in its early life either by the factory or by retrofitting in the field by owners
  8. dabdab

    Sherco Sherpa T

    I had a 99 Jervis Replica 250 with a Bultaco badge Graphically speaking, the duplication of the stickers as shown on this special should not be a problem. Bultaco UK ( for all you young'uns thats the place for genuine Bultaco spares in the UK ) would have the round sticker on the tank, and the BULTACO name-sticker on the top frame tube A good sign writer can do the rest I just hope that that primary colour is Bultaco RED, not the pink in the colour rendition of the front guard PINK on a Bultaco !!!! May Senior Bulto twist in his grave
  9. dabdab

    Shock Length

    Woody Can you provide the jetting specs on the OKO-Main,pilot jet,slide #, needle number, needle position, needle jet . Any other changes eg removal of air jet, different starting jet etc
  10. Over here in Oz, the Mikuni importers tell me that 28mm VM round slide Mikunis are no longer made. Thats why the Keihn is popular, and also because they are a readily available item because of their use on Shercos Unfortunately, the bike wreckers as a source of used quality 28mm Mikunis are a loss. It seems the the only 28mm carbies they have are either off multi engined bikes and/or small 2 stroke screamers. In either event, ALL are worn out and much un-loved
  11. The OKO is a copy of the Keihn, as fitted to Shercos etc as an option. I have a 28mm Keihn on my 199A and it works a treat
  12. I imported a Miller frame in 1983 to fit a M199 Previous comments are spot on. Footrests too high. More steering lock, but it was a little more twitchey in terms of famous Bultaco straight line stability in loose rocky sections. Packaging was crap-tabs bent in transit, and some of the chroming was thin in places. Howver, in Oz, they were highly regarded That ignition looks like the electronic version ( Femsa or Motoplat ) from the corrosponding Frontera/Pursang models, with a weight added to slow things down. If you keep the ignition, don't disregard the weight. I have the correct weight specs somewhere, will dig out and post if Big John or the Dabster can't supply
  13. A word for the wise. Unless you know the Sherpa has never been used as a paddock basher, before you take those forks to the chromer, have an engineer put those tubes on a set of blocks and test for run-out
  14. Thank you Julian. I shall attempt to email your kind comments to the Flood family today in time for the celebration of his life
  15. Sadly I have to report, particularly for our Australian members, the death of Bert Flood, Master Tuner. Bert imported Bultacos into Australia for the state of Victoria but it is as a racing tuner he will be most remembered. ( Big John, you will remember he brought out Vic Allen to ride in Australia ) Bert was famous with the Bultaco factory of being able to tune their Bultacos in ways they had not thought of before. A week before his death on Friday 30 Jan, he was in charge of tuning the TSS of Ginger Malloy as it beat everything in its class at Phillip Island
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