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340 Bultaco Refurb


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Another one. What we do in Spain is to use the foot rest from the Bultaco Frontera, that are 1,5 cm. longer, but similar to the Sherpa ones, the balance is much better with those, and it looks really original.

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Only mute point is that the small "Sherpa T" roundel decal should be on the face of the white "350" side panel decal. Tear off those Gonelli.com stickers off your mudguards, they aren't needed and of course there should be a white Bultaco decal on the tank, but these plastic tanks don't like decals much do they?

John, first you start dropping names (Gordon Jackson) then you come up with this. Gawd you're turning into an anorak :) !

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I just purchased a 199a that I'm in the process of getting back to competitive form. How would us guys across the pond get ahold of the person selling those rock shocks? Also, where did you source your parts from?

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Pete had an ad in TMX a couple of weeks ago but I don't have it to hand at the moment. Contact details were in it.

The new Rockshocks are a new design, not exact remakes of the old ones, just for your info. New design makes DIY 'fiddling' a lot easier.

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Big John, the bike is an ex comerfords bike,

The longer front exhaust pipe and the removed rear mudguard loop

were a mod of the time by Reg May.

Dave Renham has the comerfords decals!!

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