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  1. I have been watching this post with interest and would like to make the following observation. Myself and Lancsvet (who appears on these pages from time to time!) did the lions share of the course plotting for the Lancs County round. I would like to say that modern bikes do not enter my mind when setting sections for this event! I am of the opinion that if you can take 6 to 12 marks of the likes of Nigel Birkett, Phil Wiffen & a certain fat lad on a Majesty twinshock or similar marks off Dave Thorpe & Neil Gaunt in the pre 75 class then the modern bikes will fall in line behind. If someone on a Beta Or Sherco goes round for 1 or 2, well good for them !!!! So far as Majesty340's theory theat the series in badly supported or dying! our entry was split as follows- 17no Pre 75 43no Twinshocks 14no Air cooled mono's 71no in the modern bike classes No Novices,Intermediates or Experts to prop the entry up, just the classic classes!! That is 74 riders in the 3no what I would call the classic classes, hardly a bad entry for a trial on their own? There was a similar split and numbers at Bootle the day after. My own theory on this good classic entry is that both trials have no roadwork!! A lot of the older twinshock & Pre 75 bikes are not road registered and who wants to spend a couple of grand restoring a bike and then thrash it around the roads? Thats what Honda Fireblades are for!! So as Woody has said earlier, I dont know what rounds you ridden or orginised Mr majesty 340 but you obviously have not been up north!!!!!
  2. Sounds like Majestyman340 has never ridden one of our trials!!
  3. We have made a start marking out the Next round at lancs County I can confirm there will only be one route But there will be nothing in that you cannot sit down and have a three! Or pull the clutch in and ride out of the side safely! That is not to say that there wont be some tough sections! After all we are trying to find some British champions!
  4. diggler

    Riding Numbers

    Number 142 Up with sparrows on thursday can't wait for that lovely ride up to chairlift !!
  5. Majesty belongs to Andrew bingley It was a 250cc in the picture and now is a 320cc If you see him you will understand why (he's a big lad !!)
  6. Big John, the bike is an ex comerfords bike, The longer front exhaust pipe and the removed rear mudguard loop were a mod of the time by Reg May. Dave Renham has the comerfords decals!!
  7. Rick 1 you may be interested in this photo of the 340's older brother ?
  8. The shocks on the bike are the old rock shocks with blue painted springs. Pete Edmundson had some on his stand in the SSDT parc ferme he is going to start selling them again !
  9. And the other side !!
  10. Thought some of you may be interested in how the project was coming along !!
  11. diggler

    325 Or 340?

    And another close up. The bike is definatly not one of the comerfords 40 as verified by Dave Renham. But the frame number is very close to the modified bikes, so he is not ruling out the posibility that it was a bike modified by reg around that time ! i.e. untill he discovers evidence disproving this, he will not rule out the posibility of it being some form of comerfords bike, there must have been some 'experimental' bikes before the 40 replica's were produced ?. It may be a while before any proof surfaces as i am sure Dave has better things to do with his time than trawl through old pictures and documents for me. whatever it is, I am well pleased with it !!!
  12. diggler

    325 Or 340?

    A couple of close ups for you
  13. diggler


    Woody, I cannot understand why your front brake is no good, as you know i have a Mono front end in my majesty and the front brake is the best thing about it. A Majesty doing stoppies is a sight to see !!!
  14. diggler

    325 Or 340?

    Been talking to mr Renham who says his records show the engine was prepared for Rob shepherd. He is unsure of the frame and is still checking (engine & frame have different numbers). There is a photo of Vesty in the book spanish trials bikes (going up a water fall) with the back end modified exactly the same. It has definatly not got one of the box section swing arms in, but it rides so well that i think its been done by some one who knew what he was doing !! It seems to have caused a stir anyway !!!
  15. diggler

    325 Or 340?

    Maybe you can see the pivot point on this one Dabster ??
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