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  1. Jotossa....? Well maybe not.
  2. Well, I took that photo at the Reeth 3 day 2003. More here. Rider is listed as John Collinson no 81 , managed two days.
  3. IRC's are the dogs danglies in the mud. Nothing comes near. However there is an issue on later bike wheels - 2010 on - where they flex & deflate. I know of at least one ride fitting old wheels to a new bike so he can run IRC. X11's are poor in mud. X-Lights are much better. I've been using the Golden Tyre Gecko - and cant fault it in mud, good as an IRC & it's stayed on the rim on my 2011 GG.
  4. Update on the mk2 tyre - rode the Pampera in the March Hare trial, grip was amazing. Rode the Raga in the Bemrose, grip was amazing.
  5. New tyres arrived - A2 is printed on tyre. Definitely softer sidewalls now. Have fitted to 2011 Pro & my 2003 Pampera. Rode the Pro last Sunday, sandy venue so ultimately grip not the issue. It held low pressure all day no problem. Riding LDT on Pamp this weekend so will see what they're like on a heavier bike.
  6. hrc1

    Boyesen Power Reeds

    Raga & std reed fit is the same. Boyesen used to list one reed fitment for all GG trials both Pro & earlier lumps.... Now they have a whole heap of different part numbers, but........they are the same reed! However they did update the reed shape.
  7. Skyline, have a chat with your supplier. My supplier reports this as a known problem and new tyre is available under warranty. Golden Tyre are aware of this and have changed the mould & materials on the mk2 tyre. My tyre developed the same cracks after 12 trials on mainly mud & roots. I was running 1 - 2 psi & the cracks are on the other side from tensioner. Grip on "pure mud" going was exceptional!
  8. hrc1

    I trump you with £400 And it's a motorcycle book!
  9. You can refurb middle silencers. Cut holes on blind side. remove as much wire wool packing or burn out what you can. Stainless wire wool is sold on ebay. Pop rivet panels over holes. Re pack firmly..... It will be much better, but never quite like new. I switched from the wire wool to silentsport type material as this also helped soften the engine, but needed frequent repacking. It's a long messy job, but worthwhile if you're on a budget. I'd post a link about this, but I fear The TC god might be peeved.
  10. I'm using low - 1.0 - 2.0 psi in the new Golden Tyre I'm running. (see Golden Tyre thread). The 0 - 15 gauge I'm using works okay, but I dug out an older gauge - same make - and it shows 2.5 psi when the newer one has 2 PSI on the dial. So prob not that accurate, but relative. It all stems from the stiff sidewall the new tyre has. Grips good too. Tubliss system looks interesting.
  11. Didn't the early Pro 02/03 have a bush in the clutch basket? Could it still be there?
  12. By hard to fit......Yep the cardboard spreader (same as IRC here) means it blows on first time, but it needed significant lever work....plus significant pressure to crack on. Which is a good thing.
  13. Thought I try one (Gecko) too...Initial thoughts - stiff sidewall, soft centre tread. Hard to fit so it's really stuck on the rim well. However the stiff sidewall makes the tyre look hard so I was running 1 - 1.5 psi with no problems here on the typical southern rockless terrain. We've got an unseasonably dry spell here, so no really snotty going just yet. The one slippery hill climb I tried several times in different gears as a test showed that the right gear & right technique got you there and the tyre grip was not an issue. Really I need a good southern mud trial for a proper test, I'll tell more when I find one. Initial conclusion - pretty good tyre, but so far not exceptional. Certainly far better than any budget tyre it would probably retail £20 less than a michy I guess.
  14. Is there a groove in spacer that fits over return spring that's not lined up? Or am I thinking of the older engine....
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