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  1. I made an extension for my 250 ( not off the shelf ) a few years back, and I did not felt such a difference, even if I oiled the cable until I followed JonV8 advise. I replace the cable with a new Venhill and oiled it with WD40 every ride. At our last TS meeting a few friend tried the clutch and the general comment was it's almost as light as a modern bike clutch. Guy
  2. There is a kind of vacuum that suck the brake fluid from the '' thank '' through the bleeder, maybe that could help. Guy
  3. And also the shock work the fork, a poorly setup front end won't give you the ride you are looking for, even if you have the best shock. Guy
  4. That's the glass bead ! Guy
  5. I use to get cramp in the wrist and lose strength in both arm and hand. I did not change diet did not do any super exercise, I just realised that I did not relax enough. It did miracle for me. Guy
  6. I'm no expert but, it almost seems like the gas is '' force '' out of the carb. Does it leak when the motor is not running ? Guy
  7. I know one person that would tell you to cut it, and he knows quite a bit on them. Is first name is Mick, but I did not follow is advice on that. Guy
  8. I'd love to have one for my Rev Guy
  9. The fact that it is slow to return to idle point you in another direction, air leak ? Guy
  10. Reggie, you where right, after a few phone calls and a visit to Stephen's place, I have on the shelf a brand new genuine rear 2003 mudguard. It even came with the stickers. Guy
  11. By the way, if I ear anybody complain about the weather in there area, there will be verbal retaliation ! I woke up this morning to find 5 more inch of snow on top of the 29 that we had last week. Guy
  12. Back in the days ( the early 70's ), yes yes, I'm that old, if you where serious about trial, you needed boots. Helmet was for beginner and if you where really serious, you had to wear glove. I was in a group that '' thought '' they where really serious, so glove ever since and it does not feel right if I don't. Of course I learned since then, I force myself to wear '' some protection '' on my head. Guy
  13. The first time I repositioned mine , I lowered them 1 1/4 inch and also back 1 1/4 inch. I'm 5' 8'', since than I modified 2 other TY and did the same, they feel right for me. First few ride, I mostly notice the lower position but I felt it did not made such a big difference. It's only when I swap bike with a friend who wanted to try mine that I really felt the difference. I kept the TY footrest and made them wider and longer, but the back plate look very similar to yours. Guy
  14. Yes the one with the copper washer. Guy
  15. axulsuv do you run straight 100 LL mix 75 / 1, or do you mix regular gas with the avgas ? Guy