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  1. TY 250 piston stamped id markings

    Here it is, A DT piston is a little heavier, and you have to file the bottom of the skirt, but they work fine. Guy
  2. TY 250 piston stamped id markings

    I posted a picture of a DT and a TY piston side by side a while back if my memory serve me well I will check if I still have it. Guy
  3. 250 B carb

    Thank's for the pointer David, I checked my notes this morning and I'm running at 3.3mm so not that far. I will pay a visit to a friend of mine about the combustion chamber when I get a chance. B40rt, I haven't seen a Dellorto on a TY here, I've always heard they worked well but where more difficult to tune. Buy
  4. 250 B carb

    I had check their site before posting and if I go the OKO way, they'll be the one I contact. Guy
  5. 250 B carb

    Section Swept, I have 2 Yamaha Mikuni that I fitted on the bike, the one that originally was on is the one that use to make the test. Quite a few times after testing a new setup I change the carb for the '' other '' original to compare. Also I've been telling fellow worker to make change one step at a time and keep notes of the change and the result on different machines for more than 40 years, so I practice what I teach. I know many will change low speed jet not be satisfied play with the needle, no go change float setup....and than .. what was the original setup. I think the Wes exhaust to be an improvement. I did not mentioned that I ride more than I do sections so the motor don't get hot than cooler than hot again. David, your theory on the combustion chamber is interesting, if you have link on the info on that I would be grateful if you would pass it on. I have a couple head on the shelf, I would use one for test. I am shocked at the timing you set your bike, mine is setup at around 3mm BTDC. We had a couple of days with the temperature on the plus side, I think the left cover is going to be off the motor soon. Guy
  6. 250 B carb

    I have a B model 250 with the original Mikuni that I've been trying to setup for a few years. The motor as a .005 inch head gasket, is on 3rd os, the exhaust port is '' lifted'' .020 inch, the rest of the ports are not modified, not really polish but clean. There is no modified reed valve. I run Shell super gaz with a good oil at 50:1. I fitted a Uni Filter and the motor is equipped with a Wes exhaust. I played with the timing without any real improvement.I have been fiddling with the needle eight, low speed and main jet, air screw etc. but the motor is always running hot at close throttle to 1/4 open . I fitted a VM 26mm played with it all of one summer and went back to the original Mikuni. I am thinking maybe an OKO carb might cure the problem, any experience ? Guy
  7. TY175 Progressive Clutch?

    You should also have a look at your cable and it's routing, I know they are different, but the clutch on my TY 250 is smooth and predictable. I change the cable and keep it well lubricated, I also use a longer lever. It is very light to a point that some of my friend thought I ad taken spring out.
  8. Electric Bike BHP

    A closed mind is worst than no mind at all Guy
  9. TY175 Progressive Clutch?

    I know I should not say that but the clutch is such a good friend in some situation. Guy
  10. Electric Bike BHP

    I don't think numbers are important here as electric motor do not delivers power the same way a combustion motor does, and by the way, the first mono where laughed at. Guy
  11. Help with 1975 Yamaha ty 175

    Have you tried to loosen the fuel cap when it dies ? Guy
  12. Inner tube? Improving aTrial club ?

    There might be 10,000 km of off road trails in the FQMHR but I ride either a Ty 250 or a Beta Rev with no light or turn signal, and frankly I'm not interested in riding full throttle in a field. As for the ATAQ, they are a great bunch of guys that organise competitions, and there is also a vintage trial group that also organise comp that I attend and really enjoy. But I like to ride ( trial terrain ) not compete. I like to ride just for fun. As for you Leosantanalg, don't throw the line too far, you might see me coming around one Saturday morning. I went to Vermont last year to meet the guys, the Vermont Plonker, and I can promise you that if I still have my bike I will be back this year. Guy
  13. Inner tube? Improving aTrial club ?

    I'm in Quebec and I thinking about selling my 2 bikes because of land issue, I can't find place to ride. Guy
  14. Parking a trials bike

    At least I'm not alone ! Guy
  15. Rear Tyres

    Dunlop GP Lots of traction, good price Guy