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  1. I use Lysol between stripping and washing, I don't like it when I can call my helmet and it crawl to me by itself. Guy
  2. Try the cold water treatment. Guy
  3. I had time to do a little work on the motor yesterday, as you mentioned David, the crankshaft on the clutch side is different. From what I have measured, they would be interchangeable if you use the primary drive gear of the same year as the crank if you do not use the oil pump. Also the axle main 14t ( 434-17411-00 A model ) and the clutch ass'y won't be interchangeable. I don't have anything to check the weight of the crankshaft , but the A model look heavier, that maybe one of the reasons Yamaha added weight on the flywheel ( they sure overdone it ). On that subject, I always take the ring on the flywheel and use an A model flywheel on my B. Guy
  4. I'll split one of the A base that I have, I thing it's worth it now. Guy
  5. I split the base and I think I had reasons to fear. I only have A model parts list but I'm sure everybody will understand. On the output shaft ( on witch the chain sprocket goes ) called in the manual part 17 axle drive, the last gear, part 18, gear 2nd wheel is not free as I was expecting it, So is that shaft on a D model interchangeable with one from an A model ? I could use the complete shaft ( with all the gears ) Guy
  6. No luck here, I have 2 friends who ride KT, but none of them have tried that ( at least they won't tell ) Guy
  7. So all transmission, clutch and crankshaft are interchangeable. Guy
  8. Any parts from A TY A model I could use T completely rebuild a D model ? Guy
  9. Jon, winter is coming ! Guy
  10. I wonder if anybody as ever put a 250 TS TY and a Mono TY motor on a scale ? I am in the process off rebuilding a TS and find the motor heavy. Guy
  11. Space the shock with washer.
  12. I would not be ashamed to ride one ! Guy
  13. canada280i I found the one on Kijiji this weeckend, it's a bit more expensive then the one ( I hope it's not the same ) I was offered. I don't fell '' the love ''. Guy
  14. What are the pros ans cons off buying a 2013 Ossa 290i Guy
  15. Yes the water treatment does help a lot. Guy