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  1. I wonder if anybody as ever put a 250 TS TY and a Mono TY motor on a scale ? I am in the process off rebuilding a TS and find the motor heavy. Guy
  2. Space the shock with washer.
  3. I would not be ashamed to ride one ! Guy
  4. canada280i I found the one on Kijiji this weeckend, it's a bit more expensive then the one ( I hope it's not the same ) I was offered. I don't fell '' the love ''. Guy
  5. What are the pros ans cons off buying a 2013 Ossa 290i Guy
  6. Yes the water treatment does help a lot. Guy
  7. How cold should be the water? Guy
  8. Unfortunately Take_a_Five you might have to buy a new piston as a 40 year's old oil injection pump is very unreliable thing. Guy
  9. It does not look like you use it as a trial bike, so rear shock should be ok if they don't bounce like rubber ball. Front fork need service.
  10. Great event with great people. Guy
  11. Footrest are standard, but a seat like that was not. It was avalable as an option part that you had to buy separately. The side stand is still there, nice bike Guy
  12. It seem's that it is fitted with the ´´ long seat ´´ , are the footrest standard or also changed for the trail version ? Guy
  13. Don't forget to check the keyway, small things are important, trust me. Guy
  14. There is always a bright side to a story: I was smart enough to buy all the parts needed for the job since the last rebuild, connecting rod, piston kit, seals etc., so hopefully I'll have it running like new for our big annual meeting with Mick. Guy
  15. Disaster: Just for fun I took the piston from the connecting rod, top bearing is done and yep the rod is corroded too, so crank job. I always use Shell Ultra that is suppose to be ethanol free. The transmission side is just as new, but the crankshaft side is very dirty with what look like rust mix with oil. There as been big change in temperature in the last few month especially in the period I was out of town, but I would have never believe that it could such damage. When I change the oil in the transmission I only ran it for a few minutes, probably long enough to '' spread the disease ''. Guy