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  1. Side by side bike comparison?

    About that swing arm, anybody remember the Kawasaki '' foobar '' road racer in the 70's ? Guy
  2. engine oil

    Don't forget, you don't change the oil, run it around the backyard for 10 minute and decide. Changing type of oil take '' sinking time '' to show it's quality. Guy
  3. Rear sprocket ??

    I'm not sure about the way that line is setup Guy
  4. Rear sprocket ??

    From what I can see, that is not a TY rear wheel. Guy
  5. Rear sprocket ??

    Picture, please Guy
  6. Yes pd valve

    I installed a set of Gold Valve a few years back and here's what I think: They are not the ultimate thing, but for me, they made a difference on rough ground at low speed the way I set them up. You get use to them quickly and don't fell any difference until you test standard and modified forks back to back. My TY have longer and inclined shock so the steering is a little steeper than original. Are they worth the money, before a long ride no after yes. Guy
  7. Best Levers

    Many things to consider : the size of your hand, I have small hand, can't use some type of levers Type of grip : some are bigger than other. Do you run with one finger on the clutch to operate it Is your levers adjusted to your finger length, not only the '' slack '' in the cable, but the actual position of the lever on the bars Is your cable in good shape, I have on my TY 250b a lengthened arm under the motor and still had a hard clutch pull until I change the cable Guy
  8. Show Us Your Ty

    Sorry Vforce Block Guy
  9. Show Us Your Ty

    The adjustment is behind the ignition cover, if you want a smoother clutch try a longer arm under the motor. Spacer between the intake and the cylinder and lower and back footrest. Guy
  10. Show Us Your Ty

    David, do you feel that the Majesty Damping Rod are better on rock bed and rough downhill than the Gold Valve ? Guy
  11. Show Us Your Ty

    Tony27 the steering angle is steeper than standard because of the length and new shock location. I'm curious about your feedback on that. Guy
  12. TY250 spacer size

    24 mm if that's the correct part, you can pm me with your email address so I can send you a picture of the part I measured ( it came from a box off spare but I'm pretty sure it's the correct one ). Guy
  13. Funny noise

    Was the bike in front or behind you ? Guy
  14. TY 250 piston stamped id markings

    Here it is, A DT piston is a little heavier, and you have to file the bottom of the skirt, but they work fine. Guy
  15. TY 250 piston stamped id markings

    I posted a picture of a DT and a TY piston side by side a while back if my memory serve me well I will check if I still have it. Guy