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  1. This week I had a massive load of bad luck and managed to break my 2014 Gas Gas Pro Racing 250, after trying and failing to cure the non starting said bike and annoying my various mates with daft phone calls I had to bite the bullet and chuck her in the van and have a trip up to Trials UK, the lads dropped everything and got her sorted out for me. It turns out I had nipped her up which required a new piston and other bits and pieces. I'm a little upset I'd only done 4 trials on her before I broke her but hey ho that's life. Many thanks to Nigel, Martin and the boy wonder for their efforts today I can now ride or as I like to say wobble my round on Sunday. The moral of the story is when I now buy a new bike is to get a lanyard kill switch fitted before it leaves the shop. For the sake of 25 quid it would have saved me a massive bill today. The customer service I received from Trials UK today means I will always return there for my bikes and kit, many thanks again guys for all your effort and hard work today to get me back riding.
  2. All I say is that my 2014 pro racing 250 is miles better than the rider :-)
  3. Been out on the old girl this morning and had a great time, she behaved better than the rider shall we say :-) Due to spending more time with the lads and their schoolboy motocross duties I haven't had the time to ride her but I must admit to having enjoyed this morning, hopefully the aches will subside as the afternoon goes on.
  4. Your trick with a new plug worked, in all the years I've been playing around on all sorts of bikes I've never had a plug fail like that, happy boy now I can have a play this afternoon as the wife's gone shopping :-)
  5. Hi lineaway, The plug was moist but ok, have checked the exhaust as when I first stripped the bike down the front pipe had petrol sitting in it, but none found this time. The engine was rebuilt by myself and my dad so I'm pretty sure it's ok. Have good compression, just at a total loss at why the old girl won't fire into life. It's got me baffled as she was running lovely when it was put to the back of the workshop and covered up. It's been about 4 weeks since she last ran. Even checked I'd got fuel in her :-)
  6. Hello Chaps, Hopefully somebody will be able to point me in the right direction as I'm with my problem. I've got a 1997 Techno which was rebuilt from the ground up less than 6 months ago by myself and fired up 2nd kick, was then put back in the workshop while other projects were worked on. It has been started on a regular basics and given a run out round the garden. Due to my eldest not racing his KTM for a while I thought this morning I would take her out for a play and now she won't start. Have done the normal things and checked the fuel, got a good strong spark, even the clutch is free. The only thing I've changed is the handlebars so I've tried to start her with the kill switch disconnected but still no joy. I'm at a loss, spent the morning stripping the carb down just in case there was a problem in that department but all seems fine? As I'm now banging my head against the workshop walls I'm hoping that you lovely people might have an idea where I'm going wrong. Any ideas/abuse will gratefully be acted on as I'm at a loss. Many thanks.
  7. Very enjoyable videos , looks a cracking place to have a play.
  8. I've fitted them to a Beta Techno and a Evo and they are a little handful to get on with the washers and spring but are well worth the effort, a few cure words cured the washers from dropping out.
  9. Hello Just wondering if s3 bar ends fit Renthal handlebars or do they only fit s3 bars?
  10. Just to keep you up to date with progress on the old girl, had a mate come round for a beer who rides a Yamaha TY175 and after looking at the mess I had in my engine shot off home, brought his spare coil round and within 10 mins we had a good strong spark. I'm still on the hunt for a new set of case's so I can put the bike back to how she should be. Steve has very kindly lend me the correct stator plate and flywheel, just need the case's but I have a mate working on that (any news Lee?). So the state of play is the old girl now fires up and runs which is why I've fallen in love with her all over again. Many thanks for everybodys help and comments, its now time to ride her and enjoy her......
  11. I am looking at that spare engine on Ebay, he wasn't just tight. The chap that had the bike before me was also the worlds worst welder. His 'fix' for things wasn't 'lets have a look at getting a spare', it was lets see what a dab of weld will do...............
  12. Thanks for all the input chaps, have had a mate who's an auto electrician have at look at the set up and he's fairly confidant it will spark. The HT coil I was hoping to use is a new blue plastic one I got from In Motion for the 200. If we can get this set up working, any ideas or information on how we set up the timing and what should the timing be set at? Will get my mate to check what voltage I'm getting. Do you think I should pick up a new contact breaker for a Yamaha TY and as I'm new to trials bikes what year were the Yamaha's on points? Any input would be great and thank you all again for your help in this matter. Will let you know if my mate has any joy with getting a spark into the old girl.
  13. Thank you very much Mr Harris for doing something I should know how to do, that put photos on here. But as a 42 year old that is very happy Sky invented Sky+ you all know where I'm coming from. Could you please have a look at the photo's that Lee has posted and give me any ideas on what or how to complete the bike, otherwise I'm going back to Motocross...........was only joking. The knees are knackered and I don't bounce that well nowadays. It seems my wife brought me a complete dog and its taken me over a year to get to this stage, everything else has been sorted I just need to be able to wire her up and hopefully get a spark. She is looking a million dollars but at the moment is all show and no go. Any ideas would gratefully be acted on as I can't wait to ride her. Many thanks.
  14. It seems that I ended up with a complete dog when it entered my workshop. This blooming bike has fought me all the way. I should have know it wasn't going to be easy when I had to use an angle grinder to take it to pieces. Looks like it's back to the drawing board on this one. Refuse to be beaten..........Thanks for the reply.
  15. Hello Chaps Just sorting the last few jobs out on the old girl before she gets a good ride out. Been trying to figure out how to wire the new coil in today, have been looking at various wiring diagrams I have found on here and this is my problem. I only had 1 very knackered wire running from the back plate up to the old Dansi coil. I have no idea how many wire's I should have or where they should be attached to or from. The only wire I have is attached to the points and there is '3' small wires running to the 'resitor'? If anybody can please help with giving me a clue where I need to run wires from I sure I could work the rest out. I refuse to be beaten by this small set back. Have taken a photo on my BlackBerry but can't work out how to post so you could see what I'm on about. Any help would greatfull be acted upon. Just had a crash course in how to put photo's on here, so here goes hopefully it works.