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  1. I have one of these too. I can't remember where the reservoir for the rear brake should be mounted, can anyone let me know? Also I don't have a rear stand.
  2. Are you sorted? I am just about to strip my 1994 280 Climber forks to replace the seals.
  3. I have just bought a nice 1994 280 as well (and an incomplete 240). Looks like you have to remove the swinging arm to remove the rear brake master cylinder, unless anyone else knows otherwise? Cheers Nick
  4. Does anyone know what happened to Howard Jackman who rode a 240 Armstrong in the 1984 SSDT? He may have been a works rider.
  5. DSCF9831

  6. DSCF9829

  7. DSCF9826

  8. DSCF9824

  9. DSCF9822

  10. DSCF9819

  11. Any clever tips for polishing out scuffs on plastic mudguards?
  12. This is my 1983 Armstrong CMT240 in as found condition:- I'm currently rebuilding it and hope to have it running in a month or two.
  13. Thanks for the reply, that's one of the earlier cub versions. Cheers Nick
  14. I am trying to track down a bike that turned up at a Dabbers trials a couple of years ago It is a Scimitar Ossa. It was built around 1972 by Edgar Stearn nr Cambridge and was a re-framed Ossa with bespoke seat & tank. If anyone knows of it's whereabouts, it would be good to see the bike again.