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  1. Ross Noble

    where are the cakes? episode two.
  2. Fitting fork tubes in yokes

    I use a thin wedged screwdriver bit, tapped into the gap between the pinch bolts to open the yokes.
  3. I think i have found my answer, My auntie phoned today and she says my uncle had an Ariel red hunter when she met him and she is sure this was the bike.
  4. Doc46, I had to google shuttleworth snap, Made me smile. Steve.
  5. Up to now all i have is this photo, i wondered if could be a sidecar? Would you have clip on handlebars on a sidecar?? Also clip on racey bars on a small cc bike? so 350 or 500 is more what i would expect. My mum and me think i was about 3 or 4 years old and my uncle was 15 when i was born. I do remember looking at two old scooters under water proof sheets behind the garage (long since gone) so maybe he had one of those parked up next to his sports bike. Charlie, the car in the background was my dads Renault 4. One of my memories about my uncle Richard was i got oily hands from his bike and he washed my hands with this bright green slime in a jam jar and i have never forgotten the smell of swarfega.
  6. This is a photo of me on my uncle Richards bike,(1968 to 1970) can anyone have a guess as to what the machine was? We had my his funeral on tuesday 11th July 2017, he was a biker all his life, without him and my dad i don`t think i would be riding a motorbike today. Steve Bisby.
  7. OSSA Mar carb issues - Mikuni

    I've had a mikuni on my Ossa gripper for years because i was after better pickup from low revs and the old Amal was badly worn. It has served me well but i was finding it would gas up on steep down hills and also flood the engine if i dropped the bike, so i have invested in a new OKO from scooter assasins which cost me just under £60.00 plus a couple of different jets and new air filter. It hasnt improoved the perfomance much but it has stopped the flooding... Bargin
  8. Overheating problem?

    I once nipped up my majesty yamaha up in the scottish six days, riding along road section when it started to lose power then the next second the back wheel had locked up so i pulled the clutch in and stopped.after about 5 mins it fired up again and was ok. you could pull the exhaust off and shine a torch in to look at the bore and piston condition.
  9. Historic arena trial

    This looks like Glen Scholey on a JCM.
  10. I agree with Dabber, number 23 is John Lampin, and number 26 is Simon Tyas. Not sure on the rest. Steve .
  11. OSSA Mar Tailpipe Ideas - WES?

    Two other possibles to look out for are twisted swinging arm? and buckled wheel? Steve.
  12. Akront Rim Decals....what Colour Should They Be?

    My 1981 Ossa gripper has red stickers, yes they relate to the hardness but the harder ones are also heavier.
  13. Irc Tubed Rear Tyres Hard To Source Today

    I bought one about three weeks back from Splatshop at Chesterfield.
  14. Tr77 (Again!) - What Is This Bit? And Also...

    I tighten the the clutch springs down just enough to be able to get a split pin through, then lay the bike in its side and pull the clutch lever in and put a strap around it then put the bike in 5th gear and turn the rear wheel around and you can see the clutch spin and fine tune it to get the plates to spin level. Hopefully it is less likley to slip.
  15. Bultaco 350T

    I rode in the first Sammy Miller trial that allowed spanish twinshocks to compete on my 250cc Ossa gripper (tank holds 4.5ltrs) The route was 40miles long and so i asked if there was someone official to carry fuel around? and they said no but there is a petrol station on the route. I carried 1/2 a ltr and put it in the bike as soon as poss, i rode as economical as possible and finished the day ok. When i got home i measured the fuel left in the tank and worked out 45 miles to the tank. i have a 29mm mikuni on the bike. hope this is of help. you could get a few small bottles to put measured amounts of oil in eg enough for two litres of fuel (safer than carrying extra fuel in a rucksack) Ps to be allowed to ride the Miller series with the big british bikes was an honour. Steve.