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  1. Bultaco Aftermarket Triple Clamps.

    Hi Fourex. I don`t think anyone made any top triple clamps for the Bultacos with the handle bar clamps moved. All of the one I have seen have been done at home or by a machinist. They are very easy to get used too standard though. I have never felt the need to change mine and I love trying new things on it. Some of the Pursangs have the clamps which bolt onto the top triple clamp with long 8mm allen head bolts through the top clamp. Some even had 4 handlebar clamp bolts in them. Remember they won the first 5 World Championships with the stock triple clamp arrangement. Graham.
  2. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    I would question them about those marks. We can`t really see the welds in that photo. The only hassle would be you might have to pay the postage to send it back which can be a major pain in the you know what. Get onto them and ask what they will do about the marks. Graham.
  3. Bultaco Fork Lowers

    All of the older Pursang models all had 6.5 inches of travel which is the same as the Sherpas and the internals are basically the same. The Pursangs had different damping characteristics. They started to change around the MK 8 Pursangs when the MX bikes started using longer travel suspension. Graham.
  4. Airbox to carb twisty pipe...

    Measure the sizes of each side of your Mikuni and contact In Motion and talk to them. They will have many standard ones one of which will fit your bike.
  5. Bultaco 199A info

    On the Sherpas JM is before the engine number and JB is before the frame number. Yes it should be a blue tank and sidecovers with a blue frame and mudguards. The engine and fork bottoms are satin black . They came out in late 1978. Most were made in 1979 and that`s when they were released in Australia. In 1980 the factory didn`t do much of anything then the M199Bs came out in 1981.
  6. Starting issues

    How long have you had the bike? Have you ever replaced the crankshaft seals? That is where I`d start. It sounds as if when it gets hot the crank seals are leaking and letting some air in. You don`t have to split the engine to do this just pull the ignition, the clutch and primary drive off and pull the seal holders off. Replace the seals and away you go. Graham.
  7. Clutch Drain on ‘73 Sherpa - Help

    The M 92 barrels are used on the M92, M125 and the M151. I have a 151 engine and the barrel still has 92 stamped on the top of it. I would also say the Alpinas from that era might have the same barrel as well. I`m not sure on that one though. Graham.
  8. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    I have used molasses in a Bultaco Metralla fuel tank that had heavy rust in i. I just filled the tank up with molasses and left it for two weeks and then emptied it out. Inside was spotless with all the rust deposits gone. Rinsed it out with water and then some petrol and it is still going well after about 2 years. It rusted because it was left empty. I have been told that vinegar works very well too. Same process. Graham.
  9. Piston Kit

    The Italpart pistons that In Motion stock have the advantage of using stock Mahle/Bultaco rings so that is great. I have a Wiseco in one of my Sherpas and it has been in there for about 3 years now and it is still going fine with no hassles. I have changed the rings once in that time and they were less worn than the wear limit. Graham.
  10. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    Hi fourex. No, it was only in the UK I think because of the rules saying that you can`t have a Fibreglass or a Plastic fuel tank. I know NZ, SA and the USA all had Plastic tanks and I think all of Europe also had Plastic tanks. Graham.
  11. Aussie new to Trials and this forum

    Welcome to the best forums around Bevelferal. There are quite a few of us Aussies on here and quite a lot of us Queenslanders as well. Just ask any questions you feel you need to ask as someone will have an answer for you. Cheers Graham.
  12. Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    What most people do is add a flat bar which goes across the rear tubes under the seat. It is curved like the seat base. Graham.
  13. Bultaco Sherpa

    The 199B side panels and airbox don`t fit any other model. I bought some to go on a M199 and they don`t fit the M199 or a M199A. The pins ore in the wrong positions. I would also put the engine back into the correct frame. The late Sherpa frames are very good. You have a M158/9, M182/3 or a M190/1 airbox in there now. They are the ones to have as they breathe better than all of the other airboxes. Graham.
  14. Sherpa Brake Springs

    Hi Evo Boy. The longer one goes on the rear brake arm and the tight bend goes over the brake lever and the shallow bend goes over the brake backing plate where the axle goes through. The front one is the same. Graham.
  15. What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    Hi Blueflag. Yes they should have a slot in the top only the width of the inner cable though. Graham.