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  1. Sherpa fork caps

    The 0 in the top of them is just a stamp. Most of that style of cap have them. You have to remove the fork caps to service them. Inside you will find an 8 mm nut holding a washer and a spring. Pull all of it off and clean everything. Poke a bit of wire into the hole where the oil is coming from and try and make sure it is clean. Sometimes they stop squirting and sometimes they don`t stop squirting. One thing you can do is just spin the fork legs so the squirt misses your eyes and the bike when the caps are screwed up tight. Don`t forget to loosen the top clamp bolts to get the caps off. They are standard. Graham.
  2. forks

    I use 180/ 190cc in all of mine, I have a M159, M199 and a M199B that has I think M151 forks on it. The B also has Italjet Betor damper rods in it. That was to stop them topping out like crazy. I`m in Australia so I find 15 weight suits me and the conditions over here but we don`t have the cold that you do in England. I saw somewhere on here that Sammy Miller used to recommend 5 weight in winter and 15 weight in Summer which sound about right to me. Graham.
  3. Jumbo Rear Wheel Spacer.

    Hi again fourex. I had a look today and that jumbo is about the same as yours. The left shock moves in as it goes up. The right one does very slightly but the left one is about 15mm or so. I didn`t measure it so that is just an eye measure. Graham.
  4. Jumbo Rear Wheel Spacer.

    Hi Fourex. I checked that Jumbo today and the long spacer on the left side of the rear wheel was 32mm and the short one on the sprocket/ brake side is 16.5mm. I didn`t pull the wheel off to measure the inner one. I also forgot to look at the angle of the shocks to see if they angle in at the top. My M199B really does on one side so it would not surprise me if they are like that standard. A few of the Montesas are bad in that regard. I`ll try and remember to have a look tomorrow. Graham.
  5. Jumbo Rear Wheel Spacer.

    I wish I did. Mick bought one a little while ago. I`m waiting on him to buy some gaskets and stuff so I can put a new kickstart shaft in it. Then I might be able to get it to go. It is Darryl Martins old one, also the one that Bernie used when he did that Trials School in Sydney in the early eighties.
  6. Jumbo Rear Wheel Spacer.

    I can have a look tomorrow for you fourex.
  7. Flywheel puller

    In Motion also do one for a Motoplat ignition which has 2 different threads on it. These fit the Bultaco and the Italjet Motoplat ignitions. I have never tried it on a Montesa so I don`t know about them.
  8. Fantic 200 betor fork seals

    If they are 35mm Betors then use KTM SX 65 from 2002 to 2009 seals. These are Ariette seals with a double lip and even come with some seal grease to cut friction from new. You only need one seal a side with these. I use them in all my Bultacos and they are brilliant. Graham.
  9. Piuma green frame colour

    Hi Mark. Over here in Australia Panama Green from the Holden colours is a very close match. I think it was from the HQs which came out in around 1973/74. Graham.
  10. Road registering

    They are around that size Cornishflyer. I have one on the bench where I keep my bikes but I won`t be back there until next week. I can`t remember if that headlight was off a M159 or a M199 but they were all the same size on the later ones anyway. Not real sure about the very early Sherpas. Someone must have one in the corner of their shed still.
  11. Piston slap confirmation

    Just put a new tensioner in there. In Motion have them and they are not expensive. Any high revving Bultaco engine it is best to not use a tensioner as they have a tendency to self destruct. On the slower revving bikes they smooth the switch from no revs to some revs quite a bit. Just makes them smoother.
  12. 199A running refurb.

    Use a small flat blade screwdriver and wiggle it in under the edge of that cover and work your way around the whole thing. They do sometimes stick to the hub. Just keep at it and it will come loose. Graham.
  13. Piuma Kickstarter

    That one in the photos is all Gas Gas and it bolted straight on. Graham.
  14. Piuma Kickstarter

    Mark, the kickstart is off a 1998/1999 Gas Gas. They are an all alloy one. Sorry I couldn`t get a bit closer to get good photos but the bike is up on a shelf thing with not much room around it.
  15. Piuma Kickstarter

    Hello Mark and Fourex. I have bought one from Steve Goode a few years ago but it was not for me and I can`t remember which Gas Gas it was from. I should be able to find out though. I can also take a photo of the kickstart which someone else might be able to identify which model it is from. Steve Goode would also know so maybe just contact him. Graham.