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  1. bultaco model ?

    Hi Rusty Nuts. Your Sherpa is a M198 which came out here in Australia in 1978. It should have a red plastic tank and mudguards. The Bultacos didn`t really come out at the start of each year which is why everyone just says the first two(early ones) or three numbers(later ones) of the engine and frame numbers. The later 250s start with a R whereas the later 350s start with a J. That`s why you know yours is a 250. RM198. Graham.
  2. New to me 73 Alpina 350: No Spark

    One other thing it could be is the end of the high tension lead where the spark plug cap screws on. This often gets very corroded and won`t let much current through. So just take the plug cal off and trim the spark lead a half an inch or 10 mm. As has been said the green is the ground and the black goes to the coil.
  3. M91 Sherpa clutch

    I have found that the biggest improvement for the Sherpa clutch is to use a rear brake lever or a long front brake lever on the clutch pivot on the ignition case. Make sure everything is well lubricated and use a Venhil teflon lined cable. I use Barnett plates on all of mine so I can use less pressure on the clutch springs. I have heard of folk using 4 clutch springs if they are new ones. I tried with Barnett springs and it slipped trying to start a 326. Went back to 6 old springs set at 4.5 turns out.
  4. First Aid at Trials

    Over here in sunny Australia any club day has to have at least 1 First Aider in attendance with a good first aid kit which all the clubs have. Any Interclub or Open event has to have a Paramedic in attendance. He or She is usually bored for most of the day but is sometimes needed for minor cuts and bruises. We held the Queensland Modern Bike Championships on the Weekend and there was only one bigger injury which was a footpeg into the shin of a rider rather deeply. He went to get stiches after he finished for the first day of a 2 day trial and rode the next day but rather gingerly though. So they are needed. We say who the first aid person or people are at the Riders Briefing so everyone knows. Graham.
  5. Sherpa 250 T clutch spring setting

    If you look in any manual including the owners manuals they all say to back the clutch nuts off 4 turns. So start from there and adjust according to slippage or clutch lever stiffness. A Venhil cable also make a big difference.
  6. Wiring

    Hi Art. The black wire is correct. It goes to the coil. You would be best off routing the green wire up to the coil and earthing it onto the coil bolts. The yellow is for the lights and from your photos you have no lights so just tape the end of it up. Graham.
  7. Won't start up

    Hi Art. Is the spark happening at the correct time? Bultacos like to be timed reasonably often. Next one might be the condenser, it may look like it is sparking on the outside but when the spark plug in in the bike sometimes they are not sparking. So check the condenser. Are the points clean? These are a few things to try. Graham.
  8. BSA Bantam rear hub widening

    Why not just use a spacer? That would be a lot cheaper and easier.
  9. Misc Model191 Questions

    To answer your question about 2 or 3 crank bearings have a look at the Primary side crank seal holder. If it has a long inner sleeve on it then it only uses one bearing on that side. I think most of the Sherpas only use one bearing on each side. A lot of the Pursangs and other high performance engines use 2 bearings on the primary side. Graham.
  10. Placement of stickers/decals

    In Motion have the small round Sherpa T stickers for not very much money. That`s where I got mine from. Having stuff turn up on your doorstep is brilliant I think. Graham.
  11. Newbie

    Welcome to Trials Central balga. There are quite a lot of us Aussies on here so be warned. The forums are great and any questions you have are soon answered by someone who usually knows what they are talking about. Have fun. Graham.
  12. Placement of stickers/decals

    That one should be the Made In Spain sticker. My M159 had a World Champion sticker and a European Champion sticker behind the fuel cap on that flat part of the tank and no one seems to sell them. I have the old ones just need to find someone to copy them for me. Can you see where the round Sherpa T stickers go on the airbox. Graham.
  13. Sherpa Electronic Ignition

    I have three Sherpas, a M199B, a M199 and a M159. I have an In Motion CDI on the M199B and it is brilliant. The auto advance in the CDI is great. This makes the engine in the B seem very nice even though it is a M151 engine. It always starts and it always runs very nicely. The other engines are both nice the M199 has to be a Wednesday motor as it runs really well but you can only tune it for bottom end or quicker revs where as the CDI you can have both with no changes. I run the standard flywheel on all of them with 250 primary drives on them all. Graham.
  14. Bultaco Aftermarket Triple Clamps.

    Hi Fourex. I don`t think anyone made any top triple clamps for the Bultacos with the handle bar clamps moved. All of the one I have seen have been done at home or by a machinist. They are very easy to get used too standard though. I have never felt the need to change mine and I love trying new things on it. Some of the Pursangs have the clamps which bolt onto the top triple clamp with long 8mm allen head bolts through the top clamp. Some even had 4 handlebar clamp bolts in them. Remember they won the first 5 World Championships with the stock triple clamp arrangement. Graham.
  15. Hello Newbie Here :) Advice Needed

    I would question them about those marks. We can`t really see the welds in that photo. The only hassle would be you might have to pay the postage to send it back which can be a major pain in the you know what. Get onto them and ask what they will do about the marks. Graham.