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  1. I also race Mx/Enduro and found the same regarding trials bikes, the suspension doesn't seem to be a concern with riders. I'm quite heavy and thought my beta was sat low at the back, I've had a few people say it's fine but fet it was loosing front control. I didn't find much advise online so set the bike up as I would my ktm and now it feels great. The rear is higher giving good front control, splats and drop-offs are well cushioned t's like a different 'easy to ride' bike now!
  2. I'm unsure what riders mean when they say a 300 is " more than i can handle" It's the same principle as a car, we don't screw around as fast as our cars will go, the power is there if you need it unless it's Herbie!!
  3. From a mechanics point of view unless asked otherwise I would remove the seals. The reasoning behind this is I've changed hundreds of Sealed bearings in my years and noticed the bearings 9 out of 10 are brown/ blue and cooked and all the nice clean grease thrown to the sides away from the bearing. Just my opinion.
  4. Really? Wow.. I wonder what the theory is there! Maybe to sell more parts making an engine strip more of a yearly periodic maintainence, time will tell.
  5. I have a beta Rev 3, It's a bit gutless with the weight on but does help a hell of a lot with traction in the mud. The only place I think it would hinder my skill is on the dry rocky stuff, I've looked for quick throttle response to do a drop-off and it wimped over the edge into a nose dive unless I pop the clutch! I'm going to remove it for dry conditions or rock quarry's
  6. What are people's thoughts about buying a Gasgas with the current company problems? Good move? I saw a post from someone certain parts were becoming hard to find, Gasgas Enduro model parts certainly are a sore subject at the moment.
  7. It's a 2006 250, the shock feels plush and responds to settings so I think it's ok. I've preloaded the rear as it was fully down which has made it feel a lot better, I'm on it today so will have a play with the steering n suspension. I've found an online manual. I've found that trials suspension isn't talked about nearly half as much as it is with the Enduro/MX side I guess it's a lot more personal preference!
  8. Im not overly heavy 14st. The bike feels to be sitting back, I should explain I've raced Mx/ Enduro for 10 years so a trial newbie. I've taken all to front preload off and jacked the rear to gain some front end control but still fees like it sits back is this just the trials bike feel? Rear shock is stock and ok.
  9. Great thanks!
  10. I saw him ride at the British Enduro champs recently at Tong in Bradford. Hes a good Enduro rider if not a bit reckless he will do well in Enduro in the future if he doesn't break himself trying to be no.1 too early!
  11. Hi all, Clueless newbie alert. Bought myself a tidy low hours beta Rev 3 06 and look forwards to showing some of you how to ride it
  12. Hi all, Where can I get my hands on a Rev 3 owners manual? Usually I'd get one from eBay but they seem to be sparce!
  13. You did well to find an 03 or 04 hardly see them for sale anymore! saying that theres a nice one on piston heads.
  14. Great bikes enjoy have to sell mine now it will be sadly missed.
  15. Got there at 10 the sections were iced over!! wheres the fun in that? saved my money n went home