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  1. Updated link, or start with the Sherco USA website
  2. Congratulations on picking up your first trials bike. Where in Canada are you located ..sounds like out West if there is a forest fire advisory. Lots more info on the Sherco USA site under the documentation link. Good luck with the Sherco.
  3. Cannot find the original trials version but this Pre-65 one currently working
  4. Item 34. Screw Part# 5505
  5. I have some extra frame and fork guards. Where are you located - Canada or USA?
  6. Best to keep an eye on the chain and sprockets in the future, as with the standard 9t c/s the chain plates are working hard, and the torque of the 320 is tough on those six little splines ...but then who doesn't love torque! (maybe not ND)
  7. Duke said NO they are not producing one for 2013, but they do offer the 2013 FIM WC Outdoor Review
  8. Hello Scorpa01, Please check your Messenger Conversations for pm.
  9. What colour is the spring? Jitsie are usually orange (TRP printed on spring), and have a separate damping adjuster ring other than the spring adjusting collar(s). The standard Olle or Sachs would have a yellow or red spring and not have the damping adj ring. If the screw is very small it may be a damping needle adjuster. Jitsie shock has threaded removable top mount - remove with caution. Olle not considered rebuildable without suspension shop type tools, and addition of Schrader valve. YMV as without a photo we cannot tell if original or modified. Google Olle and Jitsie to compare.
  10. Does your comment really offer any help to those who own and really enjoy riding the Sherco 4t?
  11. Hopefully photo link now works in previous post?
  12. The 2012 brochure lists the specs for the 320. TooFastTim posted a photo of the 2011 from the EICMA show in another topic last year on this forum "New Sherco 320". In the meantime here is a photo of the 2010 version Thanks Tim
  13. Climber I think the problem is a steel drain bolt not the aluminium filler plug if we are talking 2t not 4t? Are there enough threads left exposed inside for the broken drain bolt to catch? If so then an extra drain washer might keep the oil in without the broken drain bolt coming up against the snapped portion. Just to get you through tmrw, or even a tapered dowel, or if desperate then the dried up left over conical plug from inside your silicone tube nozzle. If the broken bolt spins freely then a reverse helix drill with a long shank sounds like the next option. Good luck
  14. ....You forgot to mention the significance of the complex cosine calculations used to determine the correct triangulation before being moulded into the radguard.... elastic band indeed! Looks like the fuel tank has a new profile without 2010 filler blank, also with a different fuel pump mounting position and fuel tap as mentioned. Rear shock absorber looks different (polished and ported?) and now has 100th SSDT replica style shock mudflap. Not forgetting the new colour for the dab of 'lite' paint on the masterlink!
  15. Short of sticking your finger in the plug cap for your morning jolt, ...then give Chris Pearson a call at Splatshop as he is always really helpful, and I believe he has the stator readings, or he can give you the Bradford Motoplat info.