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  1. Eventually I had no option but to cut off the bolt head and I'll weld a nut onto the stud. Piston a barrel look like this. There was no gasket where it was leaking so that's a positive. No looseness on big or little end bearings. Don't really want to spend much on a new piston as a clubman rider, any thoughts? Thanks
  2. I have just bought a 2007 TXT and need to take off the barrel for a top end service, only problem is I don`t think the exhaust has ever been removed and the bolts into the cylinder block seem stuck in there. I`m worried about using too much force in case I break them off. Any Ideas how to loosen them ie heat. Not a great design by gas gas using hex bolts 5mm me thinks. Also slight blowing through the left hand side base gasket when engine revved so thinking of putting 2 x .05 mm base gaskets. Hopefully will sort problem. Thanks for any replies
  4. Thanks for replies
  5. Selling for 400 euro. The guy says it is a mont 350 4 stroke year 1995. To me he is way off the mark.
  6. Get it. I never regretted buying mine, just change all fluids and get those linkage bearing greased and serviced.
  7. Thank you
  8. Ok, thanks, will try without the ring and if not then new master it is.
  9. Trying to put the master back together after welding done but not sure if I'm missing something as the dot4 is not pushing through in the configuration I have. Any tips.
  10. In Czech and Slovak national trials the no stop FIM rule does not apply.