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  1. Showa rear absorber

    he machined the bottom, new valve etc, it's not as rounded as the old one which he tried to weld after it cracked on the swing arm but welding it did not seal the bladder. he just wasted his time on an old shock, it feels fine on the bike but an 18 year old shock is 18 years old. thank God I only weigh 70kgs.
  2. Showa rear absorber

    I had a new bottom part CNC machined, cost me 110 euro , 200 euro complete rebuild and service. the guy said it was a nightmare , wish he hadn't taken it on. next time I'll just bite the bullet and buy a trp.
  3. 2007 TXT Pro - Squeaking Noise

    nope, I think you need puller ,10 pounds
  4. Looking for info on a gas gas txt 280 2007

    Check what kind of electrics it has, if they are Ducati it was problematic and you could run into issues later which end up quite costly. Kokusan was the more reliable system.
  5. Classic trials from the late 60s and SSDT 1970

    Yes, that's him.
  6. Filmed by my grandfather George Snowball. Classic trials.
  7. Update, the CDI and voltage regulator seem to be the problem, considering how much those parts cost I think I'm going to convert to a kokusan system. Now I just have to wait and see what comes up second hand.
  8. This s a short film I made for the wet slippery trial in Slovakia this past weekend.
  9. Bubbles/churning in oil sight glass

    Thats normal when engine turning, and long as its not milky coloured.
  10. Yes, the bike ran fine, no problems. Thanks for the info. Will post the solution when problem is found.
  11. The wiring seems similar, not sure why its on a modern txt, looks like I'll have to take it to a specialist. Electrics is my nightmare come true. At least my trusty Montesa 315 keeps going stong.. Thanks anyway
  12. I have a 2007 TXT Pro and have a no spark issue. I have checked the usual earths, kill switches, spark plug new, cap new, still no luck. I have downloaded the Ducati ele diagram but no values on it. The Kokusan diagram has the values but not sure its the same for Ducati . As Im in Slovakia I cant take it to a specialist in UK until October. Does anyone know the resistance and voltage values to check the stator and trigger coil. Then if its not the stator has to be cdi or volt regulator.
  13. GasGas 280 Pro advice

    Only problem I see is the Kickstarter issue, not the easiest bike to kickover and if done wrong can be costly otherwise nice. I just got a 2007 250 pro and once started excellent ride.
  14. Removing exhaust bolts on Txt pro 250 and base gasket?

    Eventually I had no option but to cut off the bolt head and I'll weld a nut onto the stud. Piston a barrel look like this. There was no gasket where it was leaking so that's a positive. No looseness on big or little end bearings. Don't really want to spend much on a new piston as a clubman rider, any thoughts? Thanks
  15. I have just bought a 2007 TXT and need to take off the barrel for a top end service, only problem is I don`t think the exhaust has ever been removed and the bolts into the cylinder block seem stuck in there. I`m worried about using too much force in case I break them off. Any Ideas how to loosen them ie heat. Not a great design by gas gas using hex bolts 5mm me thinks. Also slight blowing through the left hand side base gasket when engine revved so thinking of putting 2 x .05 mm base gaskets. Hopefully will sort problem. Thanks for any replies