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  1. Sorry, couldn't find an image of Dave Thorpe on his CCM in the Scottish in the archive - but how about Nick Jefferies on what was reported to be a 400cc CCM in the 1978 Scottish - seen wheeling it off the initial weigh-in ramp............ Enjoy.
  2. Simon Wigg will be featured in our digital magazine.
  3. There is a crossover sport derived from speedway and grass track roots that is particularly popular in Holland and Germany, Long Track racing. In 1986 an attempt to introduce it to the north of England was made in September, when a set of competent riders led by Ivan Mauger brought their long track bikes to a stadium at Hammerton, that previously had been used for equestrian events, in particular Sulky (trotting races) where the driver perches behind the horse on a simple two wheeled trailer and the horses are trained to race with a peculiar trotting action. When the equestrian owners of the specialised track saw what the motorcycles were doing in the way of sand shifting it appears no future invitations were issued - but we have images for the record which will be included in our review of motorcycle sporting activity from the 1980s to date in our magazine. I am includng one of the images for your entertainment! Enjoy....
  4. Now another of the events to be featured in the magazine is the Yorkshire Centre Team Trial at the end of September 1986, can you identify this rider, photographed by James Moorhouse. Enjoy.
  5. In 1986 there was a round of the Yorks Enduro Championships at Low North, Scarboro. There are dozens of images from the event in the Offroadarchive and many will be featured in forthcoming issues of our digital magazine, as will enduro action in the intervening years - so if you are an enduro fan - watch this space........... Enjoy this James Moorhouse photograph.
  6. I owned one for about a year when they were new and, as a trials bike it was a disaster, the power output was all wrong and the gearing was pathetic - so you can be fairly sure it isn't a good proposition as a bike to ride in current classic events (assuming one were prepared to risk such a valuable investment) moreover it isn't actually eligible other than in British Bike trials where it could be ridden in the twinshock class. Like you say - if you have the loot buy it as a work of art and stick it in a frame on the wall...........................
  7. Oops, sorry, I've adjusted the image so that you can get a better look at his face............ Enjoy
  8. Here's a better look at rider number 118, the only one not identified yet in this batch, Enjoy
  9. Hi, I have another set of images to try and catalogue, this time from the 1986 Wainwright Shield trial organised by the Bradford club, can you tie a name to the riding numbers for me, please. I need the identities to include in a further two dozen or so images from that trial, that will be included in issue 53 of our digital magazine - along with a whole set more images from events of the 1980s around the country, including the Welsh Experts. Enjoy
  10. No names, no pack drill - but here is a warning message taken from our current digital magazine. I have seen (no better than that - I have examples in my archive) of works BSA C15T and also Victors, Cotton Starmakers, works AJS, replica AJS/Matchless suffering from precisely the same malady. I have NEVER seen, nor ever heard of, anybody managing to break a Greeves alloy beam frame - in my own case I had a Trigreeves with a 650cc tuned motor in a Greeves alloy beam framed special that withstood everything I could give it when I had a more than ample body weight for the average rider.......... What is more - they are nice and light..............
  11. Sadly James is just one of a brilliant host of 'real' photographers that became close personal friends but are now lost, people like Gordon Francis, Cecil Bailey, Ray Biddle, Alan Vines, Bob Light, Ray Daniels, Bill Cole and many others. My personal list definitely includes Nick Nichols, who has also passed away but Formally passed all his motorcycling archives, and by agreement with him, the copyright of those archives to Mortons - who sadly don't quite seem to have anybody who really understands what a treasure trove of memories they hold - but use them simply as a source of income. Happily I still share many of his images of birds which we took on many expeditions together photographing wildlife....a hobby we shared on his vists to me in Wales and latterly, here in the highlands, Happily some of us remain and are able to keep in touch and, thanks to the digital age and the accessibility of t'interthingy (as we old codgers call it) can get some of the archives out into public view. I know that some are irritated by the fact that I refuse to expose too much of my archive in the open 'tc' forums - but sadly there are those who are quite happy to use images in their publications or on their websites at will, simply believing that by including the name of the photographer is sufficient - but this is not the case and they do not seem to realise that copyright law is valid until seventy years after the photographer is dead - so my carefully collected archive, has been collected with the FULL personal cooperation and agreement of the photographers who hold the copyright will ALWAYS appear EXCLUSIVELY in this forum very own digital magazine. Sadly that means it'll cost you less than a small round of drinks just once a year - but that's life. If anybody agrees, put a 'Like' on this post.
  12. Hi Ross, You point me to an accessible source of old images - or photographers of current classic events - and I'll do my best to correct the sparsity of Scottish images - excepting, naturally, there are still lots of images of yourself featured therein.............. Cheers Deryk
  13. Hi, Another shot of Craven's fashion guru in action..........
  14. Hi Andy, Glad you liked the shot of yourself in the Nightmare - it is just one of dozens that will be appearing in our digital magazine in forthcoming issues where we will be looking at similar trials in the 1980's, year by year, so shortly I will be scanning all the 1987 events - except I've had requests for some slightly earlier ones from 1983 and they may creep in as well! If you decide to risk the £12 to join the ORRe club you not only get immediate access, at no extra cost, to all fifty-one back issues, but you can also have watermark-free copies of any photos that you would like. Anyway, enough waffling, how about another Offroadarchive shot of yourself with a good look at the bike......... Enjoy Deryk Wylde
  15. Hi Franck, I assume you want to turn your '57 G80 into something like this? To help you with ideas I recommend you look at our digital magazine, ORRe which you can find by pressing the ORRe button on the home page of 'tc', where you will find the complete fully illustrated history of the AJS/M competition machines, plus many photographs of them in current action in classic trials. When you have collected all your ideas we can then advise you where to find most things you will need. Enjoy.