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  1. When is the Earl Shilton test day?
  2. Earl Shilton Practice Day

    Many thanks for posting the video. It's rare to see anything at ESTC Great to see the return to the other side of the M69!
  3. 250

    Can't say about the 5 year old bike but the 2014/15 250's have all the response off idle you could ever want. If anything the 300 feels slightly more mellow in pickup.
  4. Did the usual google searches - nothing. So, has anybody put an ali barreled cub engine on the scales?
  5. Shurflex Fiber Clutch Thickness.

    As a GG owner its useful to have a selection of steels, they are pretty cheap. Just fitted Surflex with 1.3 and 1.5mm - just the best clutch ever
  6. Anybody Use Film?

    Ah yes, the fun with scans. I recall one company that was recommended by a photo magazine that was so bad it was hilarious! I guess they must have chucked my negs on the office carpet before scanning to achieve such levels of dirt and dust. Another advantage of the digital age is the ability to print onto a vast range of beautiful fine art papers rather than being stuck with the very limited range of darkroom papers. That said, printing images is I suppose becoming old school ............
  7. Anybody Use Film?

    A very similar story for me. Landscape photography on 6 x 9 was my thing but the digital wins hands down. I tried a halfway house with scanned film and printing in Photoshop but found it impossible to buy in sufficiently high quality scans of the film. Also the cost of the (inadequate) scans was just silly. As Laird says the degree of manipulation and adjustability in the image and print making is joyous. Deeply frustrating wet processes like lith printing can be painlessly simulated in PS. I have always fancied getting back to some alternative processes but setting up a wet darkroom just isn't going to happen. A slight word of warning is that Photoshop is deeply addictive .............
  8. First Trial

    It's my first trial at Earl Shilton on Sunday as well.... gulp! Weather forecast is nice and dry - should be good
  9. Wow, what an excellent day!! This to say thanks to the good folk of ESTC The instructors Luke and Neil had boundless energy and enthusiasm. As a beginner and a wizened old dwarf I assumed I was letting myself in for a very humiliating day – but not so. Despite being the duffer of the easy route group I learnt loads – perhaps most importantly is the gain in confidence. Also, met some really nice folk – trials appears to full of nice folk doesn’t it It was wonderful value for money as well. For just 20 quid you got some of the best instruction in the UK on a great site – how good is that. Definitely coming back for more………
  10. Estc Wednesday Evenings?

    Interesting. My first key never did turn up. When a replacement key arrived the envelope was seriously torn over the area where the key was. Suspect that the P O sorting machine was causing some damage.
  11. Gas Gas Clutch Confusion

    Thanks for that lineaway. Sanded the plates to give me 18mm - light and progressive now. Really surprised that these clutches are so sensitive to such small changes in pack thickness.
  12. Estc Wednesday Evenings?

    Thanks for that Gary, it's good to know Wednesdays are on.
  13. Gas Gas Clutch Confusion

    Have just bought a 2014 Racing 250 which hasn't had much use, rather nice in fact. However, the clutch action isn't as good as other Gassers I've tried - it's a bit heavy and not so smooth in takeup so I have pulled it apart. The pack thickness is 9.8mm and the lever height is 15.2mm So, how much do I have to reduce the pack by to get the desired 17 - 18 lever height? Or should I just get new plate set?
  14. Estc Wednesday Evenings?

    Just joined myself, and I'm definitely up for Wednesday evening practice.
  15. I believe that a few of the guys practice on Wednesday evenings. Just wanted to check as I didn't want to turn up and nobody is there. Would appreciate any info. Thanks