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  1. If the temp sensor is going on/off and the fan works with a good 12v source then I would suspect the relay as well. And a bad fan relay would cause boil over...
  2. Keep an eye on the oil level. There really isn't a lot in there and if it starts to go low you will start to go hot quick. I found that when I change my oil if I don't make sure I pull the sump guard (bash plate) and make sure the cover is sealed well I loose a little oil and will start to run a little hot tell I top it off. Best of luck.
  3. Not sure about Pete but the 4RT fits my riding stile and I have better marks with it than others I have tried. But some of my friends do way better on 2T's so to each their own.
  4. I have seen great performance from the new Dunlop GP tire and would say they are good for the price. However the X lite's are better it's not as big a difference as the older Dunlops. My experience is Seattle WA so hopefully closer to the U.K. In weather and riding conditions. with what your saying I would say spend the extra and go X Lite's but that's opinion and I would guess you would be fine on a set of new GP's... good luck!
  5. It's already been said but... simply put, most would do far better on something much less than a factory replica or works bike, and as indicated if we took the time to adjust everything just that bit better with a good once over and a small tweak here and there as we practice, over time it would be of much more of an advantage to the vast majority of us. my 2 cents.
  6. I suspect the Capacitor based on what I am reading, however I have been wrong plenty of times before. Let us know how things go with the new capacitor.
  7. So I guess my response is a question... What percent of the people who rid trials at all are even going to get to the level of expert? And with most of the people I know that even want a 4T bike at all (Beta or Montesa) are in the clubeman level I can't see a lot of them getting to the upper levels. Then when, or if, you do get to the upper levels whoever is giving the best/most sponsorship options/deals will be the one with the most bikes at that level (within reason). The simple fact is that even a Beta 4T or Montesa 4RT can be a competitive bike depending on what you are interested in. I know my 4RT is way more bike than I am rider and I am quite happy in intermediate and even expect it will take me up to advanced without being my biggest disadvantage as I am sure the biggest issue I have with riding is myself not the bike. My 2 cents.
  8. Is the ECU your working with programmable? If so you may want to try re-program it. Read a post abou someone having some strange issues once and re-programming with the same map it fixed them.
  9. Thanks sportsawyer, I didn't catch that in his post, yes its normally open so if he has the jumper closing it, it wouldn't start.
  10. Can I assume it worked fine in the past? If so have you checked the pin where the harness connects to the ECU to make sure it isn't bent or corroded? Any other detail about the bike that might help? Like what was done to it last other than your changes to get it to work, such as oil change, maintenance work like oil change, etc.?
  11. I agree used to often just for oil change, air filter, and chain clean and lube. It often doesn't include checking and re-greasing things, coolant changes (as already noted), or checking of loose bolts etc. Good luck.
  12. The video clearly shows him with the bike rolling back and his foot on the ground. I guess I am not sure why that matters as it was X-Trial not outdoor? I seem to remember seeing both Cabestany and busto doing the same things X-Trial last year and only getting a single point for it...
  13. I thought that Going backwards with one foot on the ground was a 5 only in outdoor trials, not indoor...
  14. stevelimb has it, screw on the throttle body to adjust the idle. The setting allows for the minor adjustment you might need to keep the idle correct at altitude or the shift from summer to winter weather depending on where you live.
  15. That's quite the guard... home made?