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  1. Bike to light would be a complete disqualification from what I understand. So I am guessing something else.
  2. The 4RT is great at pulling from low to midrange so running in second or third could be fine but as long as your not revving it to the moon I doubt your hurting it.
  3. For me I got a bit more of what you are indicating at first and it went down over time. the second thing that helped me was setting up the bars and levers correct, turned out I had them to far back and the levers to far down. however with going to that many events I would guess you have already address the setup of the bike. Oh and the more you turn with your feet the better as well.
  4. With the suspension update to my 07 it doesn't push nearly as much as it did before. It was a truly revolutionary upgrade. Where It dose still have its moments everyone who has been on it has indicated how much different it is over other 4RT's they have been on. Though I haven't had what I would call a proper ride on the 300 yet I still suspect it's got the upper hand in most things and in the end I am already loving it!
  5. Short first ride report. After about 30 min on the bike it isn't as different as I expected it to be from my 07 4RT. This might be do to the fact that I had my 07's rear shock re-valved with lighter oil and am also running the lighter oil in the front forks as well. But a bit more back to back riding and I suspect I will be able to start seeing the differences. Now what I can say so far... Where the re-work on my 07 is great the suspension is a little nicer on drops with the 300RR, though I do thing a few adjustments on the clickers and a little more pre-load on the front of the 07 and it would be closer to the 300 though I suspect I will still like the 300's more over all. The brakes have more bite and I suspect I will like this even more when I take it out for its first real trials ride over some larger obstacles. As for power; its hard to say yet and am sure I will need to get it out for a more aggressive ride before I can really comment on this. Love the way it looks!
  6. Yes it really happened. Ride report to follow soon...
  7. I like your comment... "bit of a lackluster" As much as I like having a video over not having one it isn't even close to as good as the indoors of the past years, or the few past outdoor versions I have seen in the past. Over all, I am still glad we have them even with the name mispronunciation and other issues.
  8. Coming I promise... had a delay with the check... I forgot to have the bank send it overnight so I get the bike tomorrow. Ye it was crazy of me to not make sure it was being sent out correctly... lol
  9. Good one but a bit of a stretch don't you think? An F1 race engine in comparison to a production bike engine that, other than a relatively minor change in displacement, has been in production sense 2005 isn't really a good example of what anyone would see from this bike. In the end though even a Montesa/Honda isn't guarantied to be perfect, just likely to be close.
  10. I will post them as soon as I have the bike and can do so.
  11. Well, mine came in today, I get to pick it up tomorrow! not sure how well I will be sleeping tonight.
  12. Based on who that is, I am sure it was a demonstration ride and wasn't the level he competed in.
  13. You want a way to capture the tick over speed (RPMs) to be sure your set correctly at 1800 and yes that's actually where it should be... from the manual "Engine idle speed 1800 ±100 min-1 (rpm) "
  14. So it doesn't have the two map selector switch? Strange all the 2016 300RR's I have seen had the map switch... I wonder if the throttle body has the two maps and by just adding the switch you can use them both?
  15. Agreed, the engine has Honda printed right on the side and they are well known for being one of, if not the most, reliable of all of the trials bikes out there.