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  1. Loved the music choice, the editing is great and was a fun video to watch!
  2. Not really my speed but the video was well done and fun to watch. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Well I have had a chance to try an Airoh TTR and a Hebo Zone 4... for anyone that is interested in a comparison review for head shape, here it is. The head shape of both is what I would call intermediate round/oval with the Airoh being just a touch more oval than the Hebo Zone 4 but just slightly. over all fit for a more extreme oval head like mine is ok but not great but from what I can tell the options are limited so if your extreme and have a sensitive head go with the Airoh, if your oval but not overly so ether should work great and for the price I would go Hebo Zone 4. Construction seems to be about the same for quality from everything I see, and venting and weight is about the same so far that I can see. Over all for the price I think I will give the win to the Hebo Zone 4 as they can be had in the US for around $200+ and the Airoh being around $300+ unless you pick up a good deal. Hope that helps.
  4. I remember hearing that some of the wheels have a bit of issues with some tires... So, what kind of wheel do you have?
  5. I only ever have seen this when I over oiled my filter... maybe try getting the bike nice an hot then letting it idle without the filter for a nice bit. Then check the plug and see what you get? if it isn't as bad as it was before then that could explain it? Best of luck.
  6. Often the simple things can cause issues like this. Have you turned in the tick over (idle) adjustment screw? the 4RT is suppose to idle at around 1800 to 1900 RPM's and the first thing you should check if it starts but doesn't stay running is that setting. much lower than around 1700 and they will just stop running like you described. And a brand new throttle body will often need this setting adjusted different than how it came. Best of luck.
  7. Ya I have a habit of that... I will note that, you will never here me tell someone they should get a 125, however I have found people think they will not work well for someone of my size. The funny thing is that I can't do anything on my 250 I can't also do on the 125 so... take that for what its worth. FYI: I ride intermediate and practice as much advanced as I can do for skill reference...
  8. If your average size with any off-road experience I would see if you can find a good Beta 200 or any brand 250 in the best condition you can get would work well. If your new to off-road then a 125 would be great. if your an extra large person And have experience then a larger bike like a 280, 290, or 300 could be ok but I would still say a 200 or 250 would likely be better. example: I am 190 lbs and my wife's 08 Gas Gas TXT Pro 125 works just fine for me and was our first family bike tell I got my 250, and if I had been able to find a second 125 I would likely have picked it up instead of my 250... My 2 cents. Hope it helps.
  9. I am 14 stone and 5' 10" and if it was me I would say a Beta 200 would be a great bike as even my wife's 08 Gas Gas 125 doesn't have any real issues dragging me around. If not almost any of the modern 250's will be great and only maybe a slow throttle tube to start with might be worth considerations but likely not needed. My vote and 2 cents. Good luck.
  10. I would expect a stock 4RT engine without limiters should get up to at least 8k, however I wouldn't be shocked if they limited it in the ECU. Long shot but... Any chance you got the bike with any of the limiters that can come in the EU road versions by mistake? Seeing that your in BC Canada and I don't know what options you can get there I figured it doesn't hurt to ask.
  11. I would agree that a pressure issue caused by some kind of blockage sounds more likely the cause than the oil pump. The other option could be that you got a defective seal. Not common but can happen...
  12. YouTube FIM has opened op a lot of the longer X-Trials videos as of late in the US but they only seem to do it the years the hold a world round in the US.
  13. I would love to get some as well! i am in the US so do expect I will likely have to import them.
  14. In my experience there build quality in general is fantastic. My 07 is bullet prof and everyone I know with new 2014 to 2017's have no issues. FYI: I know about 6 people with new ones. The trick is that when you have issues they can be a bit tricky in comparison to older carb bikes. However on that note, once you know the tricks/things to look for most things can be sorted quick as long as the parts haven't failed. If they do fail its a bit more $ to fix...
  15. Usual checks? Is there tension in the throttle cable (can kill spark), try a new spark plug, tick over setting to low, fuel in the tank (not likely but as I have done it I will ask), check connectors to key items like fuel pump or ECU (or hole bike?). Last time I had issues like this it was the connector for the fuel pump under the tank. It was just barely unplugged and caused much the same problem... Hope your able to sort it.