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  1. Sounds like you might need some more work on the M/C if that fixed it but it didn't stay fixed. Seeing that it didn't stay fixed I would at least give them a call and see what they say... Good luck.
  2. My 4RT has had some custom work done to it to make it ride the way I would like, however none of it has been to lighten it. The biggest issue I found was that the suspension was very slow so I have focused on that and it has been well worth it.
  3. Have my tickets and hotel room already!
  4. I would suggest maybe starting here on page 54: The article started sag at 33% and ended with everyone feeling best at 38%.. in the end both front and rear working together and on the softer side is more important than the #'s good luck
  5. Sorry, I think my use of cheap wasn't correct, I should have used a different term... I have one that would be about the $35 range and it is lasting longer for me than the $12 one I had before it. To me $35 lasting a long time is less expensive than $12 and doesn't last. I can't say all of the meters in that range will last as long as mine seems to be but one report might make it worth someone else trying one...
  6. The easy way is to get a low cost hour meter and attach it to the bike as I haven't ever seen a trials bike that comes with one from the factory.
  7. A few worth considering if you can get them might be "GRO Gear Extrem 75w", "Maxima MTL 75w", "Silkolene light", or "Silkolene Comp" gear oils. I have had good luck with the Maxima MTL 75w myself but not sure what you can get in Romaina as indicated by "oni nou".
  8. I run the ELF oil and in my opinion it is the smoothest 4RT clutch I have used. The other 4RT's I have been on that are much quicker where using other oils so maybe that's why? If your running the ELF this might be why it seems so nice. Best guess...
  9. Fast clutch engagement for most mortals is more of a disadvantage than a help so slowing the clutch engagement down will more often help improve ones riding. Where some average riders may like faster clutch action what I have seen wouldn't make me thing it makes them any better. Most of the riders I have seen that can take advantage of the faster clutch action are upper level Expert, Champ or higher.
  10. I would be afraid to ride it... fear of making it dirty. LOL
  11. That's the way to do it, ride both pick the one you like better! Congratulations and have fun!
  12. I know its just me but having read all the reviews, looked at everything and considering the two bikes without a test ride I would go TRS. I have been on more than one Gas Gas but still need a ride on a TRS to know for sure. My best advice however is see if you can take a test ride on both side by side or at least in close secession and then make the call.
  13. With your indication of having MX experience... I would expect a Beta, Shareco or Gas Gas 125 would be a great bike to start on. If you really want something bigger a Beta 200 would likely be the largest I would recommend if your allowed to go bigger than 125. My daughter is 15 and she is extra happy on an 08 Gas Gas 125 for reference.
  14. I was having some of the same issue and found that some of my trouble was that my suspension wasn't setup well. (Most of my trouble was me not doing it correctly.) What I ended up doing was to set the front and rear up to work together better and then it got easier to do without the front pushing as much. After the adjustment I found that doing it more like jacob429 was saying helped me.
  15. Unless your competing at the top level your not likely to need big time work on a trials bike at 80 hours. As indicated, you could do a compression test to get a base line, but I would guess you might consider, depending on your oil choice and the level you ride at, that maybe at 300 to 500 hours you might need to. My best guess based on my experience but can't say that's worth much.