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  1. 2006 4/RT - Heat Shield, Header Pipe

    Not sure if you can but if its possible to contact someone in the EU ike https://jbanyeres.com/en/ and see if you can get a 4 Ride cover? I would normally suggest Dennis at http://overlandtrail.biz/, but not sure he can get you 4 Ride parts, though might be worth checking?
  2. Trials gloves

    I must have missed something... How did that comment = poor?
  3. WOW- What a bike !!

    Again, I disagree... it's riding style and preference in my experience. My 2 cents... Everyone I have known who tries a 4RT (usually mine) coming from a 2T background has found much the same as you have that it's a different riding style so has more grip in one condition and less in others, usually less in the wet moss and mud. Everyone I know who has started on a 4RT has a similar experience when going to 2T. A friend of mine who rides a 4RT and myself have both had more trouble in the wet moss and mud when on a 2T. This is just my friend and I's experience and the experience of others who have tried my Montesa so is a small sample. So could I be mistaken? Sure. Yet it at least would indicate it might be more an how and not a what.
  4. WOW- What a bike !!

    I would guess not... never been out there so wouldn't know though.
  5. WOW- What a bike !!

    I used to live near Seattle WA. Got my 07 when I lived there. Been there on my 300 recently as well, go back often to visit family and friends. So ya, play in and played in the mud and moss plenty on my Montesa's...
  6. WOW- What a bike !!

    I disagree with the comment they suit a very aggressive riding style. I don't ride that way and love my 07 4RT and my 2017 300RR and have no issues riding at a slow and nicely controlled pace. One of my best riding friends has a 4RT and dose very well on his at the lower level (novice I think) with his. I have also been more aggressive on mine and in comparison to the 2T's I have been on it rewards me about the same when I do. Maybe its just my stile of riding, or maybe its the way I set the bike up but what ever it is I find them to be great in every condition I have been in on them. My 2 cents.
  7. BOOTS!

    Hannon, Everything I have seen indicates that the AlpineStars are the best for support at the shank/sole, they are also some of the better ones for toe protection as well. I hear that the Sidi has good toe protection as well, however I think the AlpineStars is actual the same or better based on what I saw when I compared the Sidi's but the boot size was to small on the Sidi for me try them so I don't know for sure. The boot would be stiffer than a true trials boot but you might consider the sidi discovery rain boots as they are based on the Sidi trial zero boots but a little stiffer for ADV riding. Good luck.
  8. Showa rear absorber

    You will want to double check but I believe the Showas for the 4RT's and 315's are a bladder.
  9. Spark plug cap

    Last time I replaced a lead cap it was just a screw on job... I would check the cap you have now and see if it is a screw on type. If so and you have enough extra length on the current lead you should be able to just cut the lead end flat and screw the cap straight on.
  10. Can't get to bleed my rear brakes

    rxmx has a point, its been a long time sense I had the issue but worth cracking all of the banjo's one at a time during the process to make sure there isn't captured air in unexpected locations.
  11. 260 4rt running rough

    That sounds like the throttle position censer is having an issue. As an experiment you might try putting some extra slack in the cable or a spacer between the throttle stop and to prevent it going full open. If that stops the issue what you have is a condition where the censer is going past 100% and the ECU doesn't know how to handle it. The reset process fix's it short term but not permanently if it isn't corrected. If that doesn't fix it let us know so we can come up with some more things to try.
  12. 2 stroke oil

    Maybe, however... If it's a modern trials bike the main barrings are lubricated by the crank case oil and the only thing your concerned about getting the oil too are the rings and rod barring. Combine this with modern synthetic oil and 80:1 isn't as bad as it sounds. Consider the Vertigo, I seem to recall they say like 110-120:1 or something close. Remember however that if you don't want problems, that it must also be jetted well. in the end it's a personal call if you want to go for anything other than what the manufacturer recommends any way you look at it. My 2 cents.
  13. Redex octane booster

    I have seen pinging on a lean running bike fixed with a combination of premium fuel and re-jetting... Might not be the issue but worked on at lest one bike. Good luck.
  14. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    You may not have, but our little group sure did. His name is Bob, he picked up a new 2-17 Montesa 260 and rides on a regular basis with us. I call that a win...
  15. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Reviewed the 2017 and 2018 specifications and I don't see where you would loose anything really worth the difference when considering 0% to get a 2017 over a 2018. The amount of change just isn't that big unless your going to compete. And even then I would go with a 2017 for less out of pocket. My 2 cents, and good luck!