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  1. Ya I can see why that would seem it would be the case. But when you consider the force against that rear tire during a big hit for that 12-13 stone Raga or Bou it's got to be at least as much, if not a more, than what the average rider would do to their tire at 20 stone. Now because you indicated your doing trail riding I might suggest if your fast on the trail that you run .5 to 1 PSI more on sharp rocky trails but that's opinion and likely not really necessary.
  2. As stated above pro-riders like Bou and Raga are splitting at pressures like 4 rear and 5 front without issues. so, unless your trail riding and high speeds or riding very jagged rocks you should be fine at a psi of 4 rear and 5 front. if your concerned maybe 4.5 rear and 5.5 to 6 front but I bet you would feel the difference in traction at that pressure. And I wouldn't go more that 5 rear and 6.5 front...
  3. Unless your are attempting to get to expert in record time your 200+ isn't your limiting factor. I may not be over 200 but right at 200 and 5' 10" I have no issues hopping the front and rear around with stock bar setup. I can do an ok splatter, and am learning to zap (still working on it). I figure even if I was to add a few more pounds it would likely only affect my zap a bit if anything as I might not be able to jump as high. Other than that I would expect to be able too perform about the same as I can now. Hope this helps.
  4. But that would tak all the fun out of me trying to deal with the constant loss of pressure in my wife's 08 Gas Gas 125 wheel... I suppose I should at least admit I haven't been willing to pull it apart because it holds it fine for about 2 days or so and only needs to be filled when we go on a ride. LOL
  5. I agree with try before you buy. My wife for years has loved her Gas Gas 125. She finally spent some decent time on my former 07 Montesa 4RT and is now wanting to upgrade to a new Montesa 4RT 260. I probably should have encouraged her to do it sooner... LOL
  6. When I was reading last years rules displacement was the easy one to call out everything else to me felt like a wide range of possible work/modifications internally. Not being an expert on the rules I can't say I didn't miss anything but at least what I saw would let them do a lot without getting tagged for it. There was a lot of other things in there and I started to gloss over after a bit...
  7. interesting... I thought I did a copy past, maybe it got autocorrected it or something... thanks.
  8. Sorry don't have Facebook... and can't seem to find the DBA trial Facebook page with a google or Bing search...
  9. I wasn't in the room with the FIM when they made that call so I can't say for sure why it is in place, but it dose seem suspect... I also had a Montesa long before that rule was in place so... Though I admit the 300RR addition was this year... Back on topic... I am still wondering when we will hear formally about Busto, Cabs, and Dibs... anyone have a link or post that's more concrete yet?
  10. Dang that's gotta hurt... it's not my cup of tea with or without this potential though.
  11. I think he might be talking about the possibility of safety with regard to adding in that way in comparison to adding it in a more permanent fashion. the root problem to me however is that she had to make a minimum in the first place.
  12. I am voting with the statements on swimming and core strength exercises if you can't ride. Best way if possible is of course to ride more as you already said.
  13. If your gloves are to loose you can also find yourself gripping harder a lot like having gloves that are to thick. You don't want them to tight and cutting off circulation but they need to fit well and at least snugly enough to prevent tight grip syndrome.
  14. It's a compliment to your well stated truth!
  15. On looks I say TRS. Don't have anyone near me with a TRS to try and get a ride so can't say on anything else. On what I have read I think I would go TRS between the two but really don't know in all actuality. Hopefully someone with an actual ride report will chime in soon.