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  1. With the price your talking about I would say get it and ride it a bit, if it feels a bit hot or wares you out quickly then consider a slow throttle to start with and go from there for taming it down a bit if needed. As a past MXer and 14 stone I would normally suggest a 250 as a good starting point if there wasn't already a good deal on a 290/300. And on the smaller bike side of the fence I would expect for you a 125, unless very well jetted, would feel underpowered and even if could work well you likely wouldn't keep it long before upgrading so 250+.
  2. It's hard to refute the benefit of having someone like Bou or Raga on there side... I do believe that not having a top rider will affect a manufacturer, however the question I would think is by how much? Next is the question of what are the options to make that up? From what I have seen I can agree that a great local and national presence will do a great deal in this regard but I hesitate to say it can make it up completely. I think the only other way to make it up completely is something like Vertigo and having such as with the SSDT and Doug's success. My perception.
  3. I agree, trying to make sure you think they are moving is more subjective that a scale. And yes it needs to be as black and white as possible. so the easy answer as it turns out isn't that easy...
  4. I would agree with Silkolene light or Maxima 75 in the US for a Gas Gas, both work very well in my wife's 07 TXT Pro 125. I would be willing to try the ELF as it works so well in my Montesa, however it is a lot more $ and where I can get it here in the US I don't think it's worth the cost considering how well the others work. good luck with your decision.
  5. I was thinking along the same lines, hinged items, stackable, almost a simple puzzle to stack up and unpack. I have been trying to decide how to make, in concept, enough items that I could create at minimum a setup that could be organized into 6 or 8 different more progressively difficult configurations.
  6. I would so love to do the same thing myself. I have been compiling ideas but don't have any images other than some rather low quality hand sketches I have been making.
  7. Most of what it transferable from bicycle to moto-trials is indoor X-Trials stuff and isn't as helpful to outdoor moto-trials. I am sure some of the bicycle trials skills can help outdoor but how much? I feel my trials bicycle has helped a bit with my moto-trials but it isn't the same and I will not try to pretend it is.
  8. Something to consider with Pat is that part of what he dose is trick riding for shows to supplement his income and that kind of riding is different, Bou is paid to do nothing but trials, indoor and outdoor, so has a different focus. Pat doesn't have the option to be as dedicated to it as Bou, Raga, Fugi, etc. so where I would guess he might have been (my opinion) if trials in the US was bigger. Where it isn't as transferable as moto-trials to enduro I think that my trials bike has helped me with my moto-trials a bit, and as you say is fun in its own way as well, so will keep doing it.
  9. I like the graphics choice mixed with the white.
  10. Good eye oni nou! Thanks for catching that one!
  11. I have seen someone use the "MX Lock and load" on a trials bike before, it worked, but was a little loose in comparison to a larger bike so they also put a single tie down over the bike as a secondary holding with the D-Rings on the base plate for the "MX Lock and load". Not sure I would use one unless I could recess the system just a bit but at least it worked on the Gas Gas I saw it used on. Then again you could just put some kind of wood frame in place to chock up the tires a bit for more pressure?
  12. When I compare it to other helmets the shape and look makes me wonder if its built on the same platform as the TTR. Just slightly changed vents and visor. Even if it is that looks like a good price and some fun color options.
  13. I feel their trials boots are great quality, just not waterproof. They are not designed to be... then again almost no trials boots are, the one pair gearne has being the only exception. (There is a sidi rain discovery boot based on trials boots as well, but not a true trials boot though I hear they do brake in and work well over time...) if you don't want wet feet, then as stated get some waterproof socks. my mink oil trick isn't to make them waterproof but to just reduce the amount of water they soak up, I do the same with my wife's non waterproof gearne's.
  14. Not sure what type of or the quality of the leather but if it is typical stuff you can always consider putting a little bit of mink oil on them. It isn't likely to make them waterproof but it should prevent them from soaking up as much water so they aren't as heavy. Works well on my older Alpinestars No Stops... (guessing you have the Alpinestars Tech T's)
  15. There is all kinds of gear from Up and Over, Clice, Mots, Wulfsport, Hebo. I like my Hebo gear but do plan on getting a set of the Up and Over trials pants/top for a second set. Up and Over: Clice: Mots: Wolfsport: Hebo: