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  1. Best option I can find if your willing to buy new. second item down. "4RT billet rear brake pedal"
  2. That is one way to solve that problem. I found that you can bend the tab at the top of the peddle to bring it back quite a bit without welding. This dose bring it in a bit as well so might not be preferable. If not there is always aftermarket peddles that are back a lot and tucked in even more as a secondary option.
  3. A jumper to bypass the angle sensor isn't a bad idea, at the least it will rule out the bank angle sensor as an issue or maybe fix you. Ether way you have one less question on what is the problem.
  4. Can't seem to find just the tube but I know you can get them. here is the full assembly. my recommendation is give a shop a call and I bet you could get one ordered up quick. also noted your in the US if so you can always contact Dennis at Montesa parts is his business...
  5. Stock Montesa 300RR has a black throttle tube or slow turn, you can order a white or fast turn tube for a domino throttle and it will fit right on, it wakes the bike up a lot as it takes less turn on the throttle to get it to full. really its the only modification I have on my 300RR and I love it. It might take a few rides to re-calibrate your self to the faster turn throttle however...
  6. It's all a matter of personal tast, I have been on both and my brain likes 4T's so I seem to stick with them. I play on my wife's 2T often and it's nice how light it feels just brain timing gets me. I tried several other 2T's 250 to 300 and will keep trying them from time to time because who knows if I ever might change my mind. FYI: if you want a change without a new bike and haven't tried a fast throttle tube on your 300RR give it a go. Best mod I ever did to my 17 300 RR.
  7. Good point, I forgot about the fact that a 75 TY175 would have points. I agree with lineaway, condenser and points then check your coil.
  8. Last time I had a problem like that it was a bad ignition coil. Could be a bad spark plug as well. good luck.
  9. Sounds like your low speed jet/cercit is plugged...
  10. I seem to find that the people who value the 200 and 250's are more reluctant to sell because they are harder to get so hold out tell they are ready to get a new one. And that can be a bit. Also with the enduro or MX group with the 4T 450's and 2T 300's they don't always see a 250 as a good size. They seem to forget that a trials bike is 155lbs not 225 or something...?
  11. its all preference, I love my Montesa but a well setup Beta 200 I am sure would be an amazing bike. As above ride both if you can and you will see witch clicks with you.
  12. No, not paranoid... MT43's are rock hard by comparison to standard trials tires. I consider the MT43 to be a dirt bike trials tire not a trials bike trials tire.
  13. I would think stuck floats and filled up lower end like Lineaway indicated. good luck.
  14. I think the Donlop 803 GP is the best value for the money and the Michelin is the top for grip of the two tires I have used. Can't comment on the IRC yet.
  15. If you use more body and pull on the bars you will get more lift for larger and more undercut obstacles, for your sized tire you should be able to just jump forward, and as indicated, just not push on the bars but let them come to you. You can also add a small pull up on the bars as a way to help with timing and preparation for larger obstacles.