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  1. 1st post

    Yet another addition to your already growing collection... If I didn’t have the same addiction I might say you should get some help... however instead I am just jealous I can’t feed mine as often as you!
  2. i gave my brother a go on my bultaco

    Bummer on the forks and levers... at least you got a good video of it.
  3. Clutch Help 4rt 2008

    I have both an 2007 and a 2017 and both use Dot 4. I am almost sure you have a swapped cap unless someone also changed out the master on you...
  4. 4rt linkage plate differences?

    Not sure about the v Mar and other linkage plates but all of the 300RR's have a more further back set than standard. Most of the csp, future, and other after market foot pegs are further back, however I don't know by how much in comparison to the stock 300RR. Hopefully there will be someone else who knows the actual answer to your questions.
  5. Beta Volt regulator rectifier

    Interesting, I just had my daughters Beta 80 apart for some tests of the fan and see this post. It was connected just as Reggie says... yellow is connected and earth grounded on the tab, the others two went to the fan and t-stat.
  6. stupidity prize?

    Hold on a second, I don’t remember telling you about the time I did that? glad to know I am not the only one! LOL
  7. 4rt repsol. Dropping engine speed

    I remember reading a post where there was a little play in the PTB and when shutting off the throttle it would go past 0 and stall out, a small drop of super glue under the stop was used to diagnose the issue. I don’t remember 100% what the final fix was , but there was some talk about a washer as a shim and a few other options talked about. not sure if that will help but good luck figuring the true root cause out.
  8. 4RT Cam shaft seal

    I wouldn't expect it to be, however I never done that before so don't know for sure. I have been surprised many times in the past at what I have seen happen with miss configurations, so wouldn't put it past it being able to.
  9. Decent trials tyre

    MT43’s do have a very stiff side wall. Could be a factor on coming off a rim for sure. How hard he rides it might also be a factor. Good luck.
  10. Decent trials tyre

    I think in this case as it's a trials rim on the 4 Ride there is a good chance it will be fine though. Still... good to know and will keep that in mind in the future. Thanks.
  11. Decent trials tyre

    Pirelli MT43 is what I would run... probably run 5-6 front and 3-4 rear. If having grip issues on a 4 Ride maybe 4-5 front and 2-4 rear on the trail. Good luck!
  12. 4ride CAT removal

    Hard to say for sure but if I was going to try it I would not do the wire mod to prevent running the high fuel map. I simple terms your risk when not doing the full switch is if you run to rich or to lean. I would think it would run a bit rich maybe (best guess) and be ok... but I could be very wrong.
  13. 4ride CAT removal

    The step of disconnecting the white/green wire on pages 5 and 6 causes the ECU to use a different map to allow for the extra fuel needed.
  14. Throttle Tube

    It has been a long time sense I checked into it so I am not sure if this is the same thing I found last time but the concept is the same and maybe you can get the correct version for your usage. https://www.g2ergo.com/store/g2-throttle-cam-system/ or maybe http://www.rollonthrottle.com/specialorder.html I also found this one, but dosn't look like it would work for most standard Domino trials bike setups. https://www.motionpro.com/c/rev2-throttle
  15. Throttle Tube

    Unless they stopped making them they did have a company that did some various throttle tube versions. I will see if I can find the information on the company and post it if I do. if so I see you have two options, one is pick up one from them, or cut down a fast tube yourself. if you take a black slow tube and compare to a white you should see that the difference is just the diameter of the tube where the cable sits when twisted. You can custom your own by filing a small amount off of a white tube yourself. Good luck!