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  1. FYI: engine oil and gear box oil is without a doubt different and is not shared on all 4RT's and 300RR's.
  2. back on topic... as I at least can comment on sound on a 4RT, having a Cota myself, you can try putting a 90 degree silicone elbo on the end of the pipe that points down as a low cost test of how much that helps, I have done and it really dose make a big difference in over all sound at a distance.
  3. You didn't say that you had the manual or had a question on a certain nut or bolt, just that you had the parts and wanted more information... and yes unless the manual indicates something different you can assume its right hand thread. Would have been helpful to indicate that...
  4. Good one thats_a_five... been a few sense I saw you last, hope things are going well.
  5. Has the 2004 owners manual in PDF here. ( Parts Books.htm) and I believe if you start on 4-5 and 4-6... not sure if you need any other sections. Best of luck.
  6. I have been on a few well setup vintage bikes and the ones I liked the best had the best brakes. They where still the vintage bike drum brakes but had had all the work done one could do to make them as good as possible. I couldn't do crazy stuff with them but it was so nice to be able to control the bike the way I wanted. My 2 cents is that it was worth the effort and if I was going to setup a vintage it would have the best working brakes I could get in all aspects.
  7. Maybe I am a little to into trials but I would be willing to buy some great full year DVD sets including past years if I could get them...
  8. Shape of the Beta in comparison to the 4RT is different enough that though I am sure you can make it fit I am not sure it would be easy, work well, or look good. I did consider getting one for my daughters Beta and could have sized it up on my 4RT if I had but the one I found got sold before I could snag it. Hopefully someone else knows if it might be possible...
  9. Lots of good advice... my experience is that unlike my dual sport or enduro riding a lighter less expensive tubes work just as well over all and cost less over time. My 2 cents for what its worth.
  10. With you saying they are quite flat I would also expect you would like something with a higher bend as the Bou bend bars, as they are as indicated by johnnyboxer, are quite low. At 5' 10" ish myself I have been considering trying a set of 4.5" bend bars but I wouldn't expect most people would want 4.5" bend bars... (not even sure I will like them as I think my bike has 5.0" bars now)
  11. Considering how rare it is to have this level of problem with a 4RT I sure wouldn't have thought the ECU was the issue. Glad you finally got it sorted!
  12. I guess I have to work on that one, I think my daughter thinks I am a bit on the eccentric side but haven't managed immature or crazy and she's soon to be 15... Oh and I seem to recall I didn't answer the question... I ride trials because I like to compete against myself and don't like to go fast enough to brake myself doing it. So I got a trials motorcycle and bicycle and my daughter joined me with the same and wife decided she liked the trials motorcycle but didn't opt for the bicycle... Win, win, win!
  13. I hope my daughter can reply immature when someone asks about my age and riding trials when I am in my 80's...
  14. I am making the assumption the instructor was also running stock gearing on his 4RT based on your comment... I also run stock on my 4RT. If that's the case then I would echo johnnyboxer... 1st for the really tight nadgery stuff (I try to avoid 1st, but find it can be helpful depending) 2nd for the longer becks/streams and general stuff 3rd for the longer sections and hill climbs My 2 cents... I find using 2nd when ever I think I can get away with it except for hill climbs or very slow creeping is helping to improve my clutch and body positioning...
  15. I would agree, I would like to think I am optimistic it would/could work but I admit I am just not there. In a case like this I have to think how fun it would be to have a chance to ride a prototype like this, just so I could have the experience... but I suspect unless I am willing to build my own I suspect that will never happen.