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  1. There is also a good chance you might have a dealer/supplier in England but I have ordered things from jbanyeres and had good service even here in the US...
  2. Everything I have researched shows that the trials bicycle skills are not a direct transfer for outdoor motorcycle trials but better for indoor trials. As stated by "oni nou" they are good for fitness and concentration, and I would add that they do help maintain balance. Also if your willing to riding them frequently they are quicker to get out and play on for a short ride, and last if your in town (or if your neighborhood isn't accepting of motorcycles in the yard) they can be an easy way to ride often without causing issues. I have one and enjoy it, however it isn't a trials motorcycle and can't say everyone should get one.
  3. For the US I like (voice call is best) In Europe I might try good luck.
  4. I would suspect the "2 off them were very slightly distorted by 0.004" as your issue. if you want to go the inexpensive rout then replace them and you should have a good chance it will be fixed. However if you want to be sure its 100% for as long as possible then just replace the pack with an updated version witch should improve the progressive aspect of the clutch as well as eliminate the drag. (would likely let you run less expensive oil with the same result as well if you wanted) I admit as long as the friction plates where in spec I would swap the two plates and keep running the ELF oil, however if they are getting close to the limits I would likely just swap everything out. My 2 cents. Good luck.
  5. Hear good things about the standard Beta 250's being very docile... but even more so the standard 250 4T. I would say that a well setup 250 of any of the brands would do well however. You can always add a black/slow throttle tube, a fly wheel weight, and/or gearing changes. If it was me I think if I couldn't get a 200 I would go with the Beta 250 4T, but that's opinion. good luck.
  6. Unless you have a programmable throttle body you will not be able to re-map your bike. Something like this:
  7. I never had an XR400R (took a short ride on one, but not long enough to know how well they grip) so can't speak to the comparison, however for trials bikes I guess it could be quite different for everyone. On that note I find it interesting... I went from a 2T (Gas Gas) to my 07 4RT and found I did better over all, traction, control in the turns, feel of the clutch, throttle response, etc. all improved without me having to work any harder than on the 2T. To each there own I guess... --- On that note, riffraffretro if you love 2T bikes there is a good chance that it would be a good idea if you could find someone with a Montesa 4RT 260 or 300 that would be able to let you get a good ride on one before considering to buy one. My 2 cents. Good luck.
  8. Ok, I am glad I switched it over to the fast tube. After riding my 07 4RT for years with the quick throttle I can say that my brain sure expected it and was the largest cause of the 300RR feeling so much like my 07. I will try and remember to post of a better review of the 300 once I have had a bit more time on it with the fast throttle tube.
  9. I use a high quality fully synthetic motorcycle oil 10-40 for the engine and the ELF HTX 740 for the transmission. However, I know others using ATF with good success in the transition, and if I was going to try something else for the transition I think the GRO extreme has the closet viscosity and heat ratings to the ELF but isn't available in the US.
  10. The tallest ones I know about are the Jitsie's, they have some that are up to a 6" bend/rise/upsweet.
  11. Also, if anyone out there with a 300RR has swapped to a fast tube as well let me know your experience.
  12. Oh, and most bikes I have seen use 4.5" or 5" bars so 5.5" or 6" would be your top end. I know Jitsie makes up to 6"...
  13. In the US you can get them from Stu at, or There are a few other places but I would try them first as they have them listed, where others could order them Jacks or LewisportUSA might have them in stock. In the UK I would check first or maybe but not really sure if they have them as I am in the US and have only ordered a few custom bits from both.
  14. I would recommend a set of high bend bars instead of risers if possible especially on a Montesa with the position of the bar clamps. Got a ride on an 05 4RT with a set of high bars and it was way nicer than the Sherco I took a spin on with risers.. Just my personal recommendation.
  15. I have had great luck in the revers bleed for clutch as indicated by leeanthonycook If in question go from the bottom up...