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  1. She can hardly wait . . .

    After a lot of hard work, she finally finished phase 1. A trials area, some single track, a lot of wide open spaces, and a few areas to relax.
  2. Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Curious why a compression check because of an altitude change. Please tell me more.
  3. Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Thanks. It's pushed all the way in.
  4. She can hardly wait . . .

    a few more . . .
  5. She can hardly wait . . .

    My 3-year old trials buddy has been helping me with my dirt bike single track trails and my trials setup. Man, it's hot down here . . .already!
  6. Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Thanks all. I understand the fuel solenoid, and tried it in manual (always open). Didn't think about the vent line being plugged - that could be it. Or the air filter being saturated, or a bad plug. Or maybe needing to drain the float bowl. Will give all these a shot and see if I can get it running somewhat. I do notice a lot of decel pop and flameouts, so I know its also running lean. I bought my bike from a fellow rider in Colorado Springs that had it set up for 10,000 feet + (jets and spring). I'm at sea level. Spoke with Ron at RL Racing today. He's sending me some jets, and I'll start tearing into the carb and checking for trash in the jets when I receive these.
  7. Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Relatively new to me 2016 EVO 300 4T. Out riding yesterday, bike was running fine. Wheelied to a stop in the fork of the tree, and parked the bike in a wheelie position for a few minutes while I did some trail maintenance. Pulled the bike out of the tree, and couldn't start it. Assumed I had flooded or starved it. Finally, after about 50 kicks, got it started. It ran for a minute then died. Repeated, got it started again. It would run at a slow throttle pace, but would bog when I added more throttle. Thinking I ended up with some trash somewhere in the fuel system. Before I pull apart the carb, I thought I should determine whether this bike has a fuel filter. Pulled the parts fiche which shows one in the fuel line between the petcock and carb. Doesn't exist on my bike. Is there a fuel filter on this bike, for instance, inside the tank or somewhere else? Thanks for any help. Here's what the fiche shows (#10, which isn't present on my bike):
  8. 2016 Evo 4t fork oil Quantity.

    From the 2016 EVO 4T Manual: FORK OIL SHELL TELLUS S2 V32 - SAE 6.1
  9. She can hardly wait . . .

    She's loving it! Also, after the first few minutes she started standing on the pegs on her own.
  10. 2016 Evo 4T - replace rear spring w/o pulling shock?

    Thanks for all the concern and advice. Bike was bought new in the spring. PO's first order of business was to tear it apart and grease everything. I'm simply wanting to replace the spring at this point. I have 4 bikes at the moment, have had close to 30 in the past 15 years and do my own maintenance. It's not that I couldn't do it, it's that it really isn't necessary at the moment, so just wanting to save some time and effort. Thanks again.
  11. 2016 Evo 4T - replace rear spring w/o pulling shock?

    Thanks, will give it a whirl.
  12. Have done searches, and can't find much on the way of getting to the rear shock assembly on an EVO 4T to replace the spring. I've read where some have had to pull the air boot, pull the exhaust, kick stand and the entire shock linkage assembly to get the shock out. I'm just wanting to replace my spring. If I pull the exhaust, pull the top bolt and then spin back the large spring lock nuts, 1. Does the large slotted washer at the top of the shock simply slide out? 2. Would it then be possible to let the swingarm fall a little more after removing the top shock bolt and wiggle the spring out from the top? If not, what is the simplest way to get at the rear spring? I'll measure where the shock lock nuts are to get the pre-load back close to where it was with the other spring, but then I plan to adjust my static and rider sag anyway when I'm done. Any help is appreciated. Mark
  13. Ordered a 12.5 Racing for 3 year old granddaughter for Christmas. I think she's gonna like it. Not sure why the pics are rotated . . .
  14. Which boots?

    Gaerne Balance Oiled here also . . .
  15. Long range tank/seat on 4T

    I don't hook mine up at all, so didn't tap the main fuel line. I carry a small gatorade bottle to transfer fuel when needed. Makes it easy to take the tank/seat off even out on the trail if I want it out of the way. The PO of my bike passed along this tip when I bought the bike. Said he had a case where the routing of the lines caused it to burn or rub through.