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  1. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    Clutch on my 16 300 4T is more awesome than me!
  2. 4T Carb Tuning

    Both springs came with my bike. From the research I've done, blue spring at elevations > 5,000 ft, silver spring at elevations < 5,000 ft.
  3. 4T Carb Tuning

    I'm at sea level on the gulf coast. My bike was super lean when I bought it. PO lived in Colorado Springs and had it set up for riding 10-13,000 feet. Here are the changes I made to get it to run well at sea level: Rejetted carb 25 pilot, 132.5 main (from 27.5/120) Changed carb spring from blue to silver Raised needle (dropped clip to 4th position) Pilot screw 2 turns out
  4. 4T Carb Tuning

    If you decide to do this and need any help (pics and step-by-step), let me know. I just did all of this on my 4T and documented and took pictures of everything since I was able to find very little on the web regarding how to. It's not hard to do, but it seems that for every thing you want to do, there are 5 additional thing you have to do to get at what you're wanting to do.
  5. Practice area!

    Completed the wall. Also cut a steeper hill within one of my hills that I plan to throw a series of logs across.
  6. Practice area!

    Have been working on a splatter wall and step up for the past couple of days. Should get it finished tomorrow. Even the local crop-duster swung over to see what was going on . . .
  7. 4T Carb Tuning

    Have you checked your pilot screw setting, and whether your pilot jet may have trash in it?
  8. 4t Carb - Vacuum Chamber plug and jetting

    When your bike simply dies on you (typically when letting off the throttle then getting back on it). Usually happens at the worst moment possible, like just as you are hitting the second blip on a double blip.
  9. 4t Carb - Vacuum Chamber plug and jetting

    Not sure your elevation. I'm at sea level and changed my 16 200 4T jetting to 132.5 main, 25 idle jet, and 4th slot from the top on the needle. It was the same as yours (27.5, 120, 3rd clip position, but only 1-1/4 turns out - I'm now at 2 turns). I also changed from the blue spring (>5,000 ft) to the silver spring (<5,000 ft). PO rode at 12,000 ft, so my bike was extremely lean at sea level. Lots of decel pop and flameouts. I also did blow the rubber intake boot off the carb. Then it would only start with the choke on, and would have a major backfire and die if I pushed the choke off. With my changes, the bike runs fantastic, idles very well, no decal pop and no flameouts. Fans on these things do run quite a bit from my experience. Make sure both boots are very well mounted when you put it back together.
  10. Beta Evo Spring swaps

    BTW, on the front shock, did you loosen the upper triple clamp bolt? Not sure whether required or not, but everything I've read said to loosen it. I did, and had no problems getting the collar and spring out.
  11. Beta Evo Spring swaps

    On the rear, it's not a matter of just loosening the nuts to slip the C-collar off, you have to back them off enough to create enough clearance for the C-collar to move down to where it is over the smaller shock piston shaft before it will slide off. Look at the second pic, by the time you get the pre-load off the spring, and then make enough room for the C-collar to slide down far enough to get over the piston shaft (another 1/2" or so), you pretty much have to back the nuts almost off. Also, slide the big yellow rubber bushing down. Finally, know that the spring is a different diameter at each end and can only go on correctly one way. Hope this helps. While I took mine entirely off because I was taking the carb out, I'm positive I could have swapped the spring on the bike.
  12. Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Just a followup - boot was pulled off the carb. Took the opportunity to pull and grease the swingarm and wheel axles, respring front and rear, rejet, change the carb spring as well as oil, filter, clean air filter, etc . . .
  13. Beta Evo Spring swaps

    Just stick a coat hanger with a hook on the end in far enough to grab the first rung of the spring and see if you can get the spacer to break free. Should come right out.
  14. YAMAHA have a new TY

    Demo at the bike show in Japan . . . (go to 5:55)
  15. Evo 300 4t New plug?

    Wonder what the key differences are between this plug and the Iridium version of the stock plug (iridium CR7EIX)?