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  1. Beta Evo 4t 300 first ride experience

    300 4T is my first trials bike. Have nothing to compare it to, other than many decades of dirt bikes. Love mine. Very confidence inspiring to try things I'd never think to attempt on another bike. Also, if I want to ride it at home, it is so quiet the neighbors never even take notice that I'm riding it.
  2. Evo 4t Carb

    I'm at sea level, and mine had serious flameout/decel popping (PO rode at 10,000+ feet with stock jetting). I went with a 132.5 main and 25 pilot, dropped the clip one slot (second slot from top) and changed to the silver spring. Solved all of my issues. Starts easy, purrs like a kitten, no decel pop or flameouts, good low end grunt.
  3. Trial bike for single trail riding

    Key thing to keep in mind is speed. If you're simply trail riding, fine. If you're riding fast, trials bikes don't really have the brakes or suspension like a woods bike would have. Very small rotors, less stopping power, higher wear on the brakes. Small fork tubes, lighter suspension components, a lot of bottoming on the suspension. All by design for trials purposes.
  4. Evo Map Switch

    I just need something that reminds me which switch is the map switch vs the headlight switch. . . I ended up writing an M on one and an L on the other with a metallic sharpie . . .
  5. Practice area!

    More time to play on obstacles today with my son-in-law. Have a lead on a big culvert and other obstacles .. .
  6. Beta 2019 models? When release?

    Heck, Beta could make a lot of people really happy if they'd just put a rear fender on that didn't snap off so easy and then cost $160 to replace it! And maybe an intake hose (carb to engine) 1/2" longer that didn't come loose so easy. Other than that, perfectly happy with my 16 EVO 4t.
  7. Practice area!

    And I finally had a chance to try it out this evening.
  8. Practice area!

    Neighbors dropped over to check it out.
  9. Practice area!

    Added a few new obstacles yesterday.
  10. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    Clutch on my 16 300 4T is more awesome than me!
  11. 4T Carb Tuning

    Both springs came with my bike. From the research I've done, blue spring at elevations > 5,000 ft, silver spring at elevations < 5,000 ft.
  12. 4T Carb Tuning

    I'm at sea level on the gulf coast. My bike was super lean when I bought it. PO lived in Colorado Springs and had it set up for riding 10-13,000 feet. Here are the changes I made to get it to run well at sea level: Rejetted carb 25 pilot, 132.5 main (from 27.5/120) Changed carb spring from blue to silver Raised needle (dropped clip to 4th position) Pilot screw 2 turns out
  13. 4T Carb Tuning

    If you decide to do this and need any help (pics and step-by-step), let me know. I just did all of this on my 4T and documented and took pictures of everything since I was able to find very little on the web regarding how to. It's not hard to do, but it seems that for every thing you want to do, there are 5 additional thing you have to do to get at what you're wanting to do.
  14. Practice area!

    Completed the wall. Also cut a steeper hill within one of my hills that I plan to throw a series of logs across.
  15. Practice area!

    Have been working on a splatter wall and step up for the past couple of days. Should get it finished tomorrow. Even the local crop-duster swung over to see what was going on . . .