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  1. I've done a day with Jason at Tricks in the Sticks. Bike, boots, helmet and gloves supplied, as well as lunch and tea/coffee/water. I'm a bit nearer than you but IMHO well worth it to give you a taster and learn some basics.
  2. Cant see how to remove this 6-wire connector from the underneath of the CDI box. Looks like there are some barbs that engage with slots, maybe three separate ones? If anyone's done this and got some tips it would be much appreciated... plus any info on resistance to ground on the different wires, both on the CDI side and Stator side to check. Many thanks
  3. Trials gloves

    Wandered down to my local Homebase and B & Q to check out what they might have available. After a bit of deliberation I found some Diall heavy duty workman's gloves that feel ace. Supple and stretchy with faux leather on the palm and fingers plus a velcro closure at the wrist. I tried some Mechanix M-Pact but I found the extra palm patch uncomfortable and they were not as snug a fit as the Diall ones. Very weird wearing something like this on a bike after a lifetime of road gloves but we'll see how I get on!
  4. Not as daunting as I first thought. The airbox comes off with two heavily recessed screws and unplugs from the carb rubber - a little too easily I thought. About 3 cable ties to clip through and once the two wires are unplugged/unscrewed it pulls through. Bit disappointed with the Leonelli replacement item though. Firstly, the cable was a little on the short side; I'd been expecting to mount it pretty close to the clutch lever but there is only enough cable to reach to barely 1/3-1/2 way along the handlebar. In addition, the handlebar clamp was simply not big enough for my diameter of handlebar, which I'm sure is the original. I had to re-use the spring clip from the original. Anyway, all sorted and when I refitted the airbox I relocated the jubilee clip to the very end of the rubber, where I feel it is actually clamping down on the airbox stub tube.
  5. rear shock mudflap

    Yep, got the mudguard off and gave the tank/silencer area a clean up and then the mud flap slots over the lower bracket and mudguard back on - perfect!
  6. rear shock mudflap

    Ah, great, thanks for that
  7. rear shock mudflap

    I've got a rubber mudflap that will mount just below the petrol tank at the rear, to protect the rear shock from mud off the tyre. It has one slit in it, which I guess should line-up with the lower wire bracket/clip of the main guard, but apart from that there are no other fixing points. How is this fitted on the 2012 and later models? Anyone else retro-fitted one of these to a 2010/11 model - cut some holes and find something to which it can be cable-tied ...?
  8. Yeah, agreed, I was being lazy! Looks like the ground is under the airbox, which will need to be removed to gain access to the earth bolt. Anyone removed the airbox? Anyone had cause to access the earth bolt?
  9. Hello to all

    Sounds about the same as me. Just got my first bike but yet to ride it in anger. Just done a trials experience day down in Kent at Tricks in the Sticks, which was excellent - not much use to you! There are other training centres up your way though, if you search around. I'm very close to a trials centre, so have bought a bike that is road reg and MOT'd, otherwise you will need to sort out transport as well.
  10. 2T Petroil mix

    Just thought I'd clarify a few of the common petroil mixtures - do please someone check my maths! Ratio Percent Oil/Petrol 80:1 1.25% 12.5ml/litre 66:1 1.5% 15ml/litre 60:1 ~1.7% 17ml/litre 50:1 2% 20ml/litre
  11. My 2011 2.5 is fitted with a leonelli button kill switch mounted in the centre of the handlebar facing forwards. Looks like the simplest option might be to cut this away and simply connect the magnetic kill switch wires to the two ends that previously went in to the button kill switch. My hope would be that if I got a Leonelli magnetic lanyard one, it would be wire for wire compatible. Anyone comment on this? Will I, in fact, have to trace where these two wires go to, which looks to be somewhere down near the engine, and then replace the whole thing...? Many thanks
  12. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    Peter - hired from Kendalls - it was up near Huntingdon so a bit of a trek, but many thanks for the offer. It was a Peugeot Partner in the end. Absolute doddle getting the bike in and ended up putting it on it's side-stand and just a couple of bungies - one around the swing arm on the same side as the stand and hooked to a floor D ring, then another around the handlebar and hooked through a metal bracket in the roof. No problems at all. Doing a steady 60-65 mph I got 65mpg out of it, there and back - awesome. PS - went up to Hookwood Sunday but about 2-ish by the time I'd got there - spoke to some guys and I think you'd left by then, if we'd identified the correct Peter T. Nearly scared myself watching, when I thought the white flags were wobbler-class, until someone pointed out the yellow ones!
  13. Gearbox oil

    Just bought my first trials bike - a 2011 Sherco 250. As you do with a new purchase, I've leafed through the paperwork and come across some contradictions. So the bike was serviced at John Lee's last November and they put 75W in the gearbox. At the back of the manual, in the spec. section, it recommends 10W-40. In the text of the manual where they explain the location of the drain plug, they recommend 10W-50... Maybe it's a bit like crop rotation - a different one each time you change it...?
  14. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    BTW, bike is a 2011 Sherco 250 - not sure whether I'll have a ramp available - just seller and me to man-handle it
  15. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    Oh, just about to say 'I hope so' and then realised that although road reg and MOT'd it won't be insured, doh! May be able to get up on my TTR, wife-willing. Hoping to book some training with Katie Nash in due course.