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  1. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    BTW, bike is a 2011 Sherco 250 - not sure whether I'll have a ramp available - just seller and me to man-handle it
  2. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    Oh, just about to say 'I hope so' and then realised that although road reg and MOT'd it won't be insured, doh! May be able to get up on my TTR, wife-willing. Hoping to book some training with Katie Nash in due course.
  3. Excitement! Just bought my first ever trials bike and have hired a Berlingo to go and pick it up. I've got an assortment of straps and ropes that I've accumulated over the years, along with dust sheets and old towels. Are there plenty of anchor points to which I can secure it? Is there any trick of experience that someone can pass on, or is it all pretty obvious? Many thanks
  4. Here are some interesting links... (if you are in to this sort of thing that is!) http://www.brainskills.co.uk/LearningMotorSkills.html http://cobalt.rocky.edu/~paul.roper/Courses/PEH315/Engrams.pdf
  5. Not got out on the TTR recently but just had it out in the driveway to practice static balance; engine off and tyre pressures right down. Can only manage a few seconds but what I've learnt is that one tends to over correct. It reminds me of some other hobbies trying to control stuff and one has no 'feel' initially and one doesn't realise just how subtle are the required movements. I've got to a stage were I'm butt-wiggling to try and reduce my movement and it's interesting how much moving your bum one way or the other can affect balance. But it's all about gaining that feel for what's required and just how slight the needed movements are to keep upright. The problem for those giving advice is, I suspect, that the skill becomes subsumed into the sub conscious and becomes a muscle reflex to some extent, so it's difficult to explain to a beginner, where one is using one's conscious brain to determine what to do. This is why it is fatiguing until one has built up the brain patterns, as, to use a computer analogy, you are using real time CPU compared to just memory lookup to determine what to do.
  6. Jet washing bikes

    I'm sure the guys on this forum would have a few tips for cleaning trials bikes.... Detailing World
  7. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    Great, thanks for all of the responses. It is interesting what one starts to worry about - also looking at a rather old and tatty 250 Rev3 2t that a guy had bought for his 11 year old daughter; reckoned it was a pussy next to her 80cc MX bike!
  8. Are they less manageable than the 2t? Would a 250 4t be too much of a handful? I'm buying second hand and older, hence restricted choice, as no point in anything too new for a numptie like me that will spend more time falling off than balancing!
  9. Sherco bikes of the last 10 years;

    Oooh, Errrrrrr! Am looking at a 2015 Sherco 250 and this sounds a bit mixed! I liked the sound of the petrol/air filter swap, mass centralisation and all that, plus intake well up high Is it quality control or fundamental design problems? Thanks
  10. Thinking about one of these and there are two versions. One has a small diameter neck that includes a pouring spout, whilst the other doesn't. Does anyone know if the small diameter neck is still big enough to be filled easily from the spout of a plastic 5 litre spare petrol container, the general car type sold everywhere? Thanks
  11. I'm in the same boat and doing the figure 8's, currently with my trail bike until I get a trials bike. Nearly got to full lock, leaning to the outside and with feet on the outside of the pegs and bike lent over a bit; it sounds ugly and it probably looks ugly too! Also attempting wheelies using the fork compress/bounce technique; first time I've ever managed to get the front up standing up on the pegs but still miles away from finding the balance point. Also very, very sloooooow riding heading towards stationary, but I've yet to get close to that! The Western Districts Trials Club (Australia) videos on youtube are excellent - and very amusing too just search for Basic Trials Training.
  12. Will a 2-3 years old Sherco likely already be in the NOVA database?
  13. Leeds newbie

    Also a complete trials newbie and just starting to get a feel for price/condition/vfm ahead of buying anything. Know what you mean about soooo many 290/300s for sale compared to 125/200. I've decided, after reading the for/against posts, to avoid the larger ones and focus on 250 and under. May take longer for something to come up but I think it will probably be worth it in the long run. At least you're in Yorkshire, the home of trials riding!
  14. Hi!

    Ah, you've seen my bike after it's been off road then!
  15. Long range tank/seat on 4T

    Yes, I've seen a 2 litre plastic container on eBay that looks back pack sized.