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  1. If it's just sticking o ring seals, replacing just them should fix it. I doubt the spring will need renewing. I'll be replacing the o rings soon, so will let you know if it fixes it.
  2. We have two Vertigos, A 300 Camo and a 300 Ice hell, both 2017 models. My Camo has no clutch rattle and my son's Ice hell does (disappears as soon as you start to apply any pull on the leaver). His clutch action is also stiffer than my bikes and I suspect that the O rings for the clutch piston are sticking and the "clutch piston spring" isn't pushing/holding the piston against the "clutch release armes"(triangular plates) allowing them to rattle. Check out page 25 & 28 for parts brake down. PARTS_BOOK_COMBAT_ICE_HELL_300cc_2017.pdf
  3. I always do my best to keep the outfit moving and drive round turns. But sometimes the sections are just laid out so tight that you have to hop the outfit (something I'm not good at). You can always tell when the section has been plotted by someone with sidecar knowledge.
  4. Paul,can you build one for my Sherpa and ship it to USA ? I can take care of mounting hardware. Thank you , Jon Kerr

  5. Fit a sidecar, problem solved!
  6. 2017 300cc Combat sidecar outfit. One of only two that I know about. I've had this outfit for nearly six months now. It rides really well and I'm loving the power output of the Vertigo (had a 300 beta Evo the last few years) and we've had no mechanical issues with the bike.
  7. 10 front 42 rear is fine. It's what I use on my 2014 300. But my son prefers 11/43 on his 2013 300.
  8. Yes. We have a soft start-fast that my son has had first on his Beta Evo 125 and now on his Beta Evo 300. Must be four years old now, still looks like new and shows no signs of wear.
  9. He's using Putoline light gear box oil. That is the cheap runny stuff. I'll only use Motul 300V 5W30 in my 300 Evo.
  10. Definitely went out of favor. I don't know of any front tubeless tyres available now.
  11. If your after original then Beta UK. They hold good stock levels of beta parts are very quick to dispatch orders and do FREE UK delivery on internet orders.
  12. For a bike like the Beamish you'll need Renthal 7/8" trials bars. Either 735-01 which have a 5.5 inch rise or 735-02 which have a 6 inch rise(dependent on how tall you are). A lot of sidecar drivers will cut a lot of length off the right hand side of the bar to give more clearance for trees and other such things. On my own outfit the right hand side has been cut down by an inch & a half. On the left I have one and one half grips fitted so that I can move my hand in towards the centre when turning right or needing to get my weight over to the right. I hope this helps.
  13. On my Beta Evo 300 outfit I use a 11/42 set up that is about what most solo riders around here use. Looking at the Talon Engineering web site they do a 43 tooth 520 pitch rear sprocket and fronts from 10 up to 14 teeth for the RL325. So try 12/43 and see how you get on. If you find it over geared you can always drop down to a 10 tooth front and take a link out of the chain if need be.
  14. I fitted an S3 one on my sons 2013 300 2 stroke, as it was such a pig to kick over. It had loads more compression than my 2014 300 2 stroke and he had just moved up from a 125 at the time. It softened the power down a little. But as we had a full Bossi Arrow exhaust to fit we weren't that bothered.
  15. Have you tried Talon Engineering? they made me some great one off sprockets.