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  1. I hope you find a way, physical fitness and ability will blow away fancy gear and big spenders everytime in this sport, being jobless and almost penniless myself thats the thing i love about it. Mud, rain Beers and BBq's are a great leveler. ?
  2. Hi Guys. Ive watched a few videos of Sidecar Trials on YouTube and it looks like great fun, But there is little info available regarding the cost of building a sidecar ? Who builds them and for what kind of price ? Is it possible for a father /son team to enter ? what is the minimum age ? Recommended bike ? (generally)
  3. You are probably right, and i'm not disagreeing with you at all. However.....I'm currently not working, I'm on a miniscule budget and the thought of spending even 100 quid is eye watering. I happened to have a pair of MX boots from years ago hanging around, Theyre fine for me personally. However if you fancy buying me some Trials Boots to utterly convince me i'm open to your suggestion. Size 8. I like neutral colours.? I'm simply suggesting that anyone else that is on a tight budget have basic skills need protection more than anything else, using a pair of MX boots is liveable. Obviously not preferable.
  4. Sam-Clark

    MX clothing

    Forgot to mention on my MX Boots i slacken off the second clamp (second one upwards that is) I find that fine for me personally and i have tons of flexibility in my brand of boots, But this is definitly a question of what works for one isnt going to be suitable for another. personal thing.
  5. Sam-Clark

    MX clothing

    I have MX Boots and Pants, low key. plain black..The boots take a bit of breaking in, I like the protection they give, ive had multiple busted feet and ankles sensitive there. Each to there own, but for me nowt wrong with MX boots. Pants....^^^^ i agree with him.
  6. Puglia is beautiful. Ive been there a few times on holiday camping, not far from Vieste, Ive also been to Isole tremiti. Has to be one of the most scenic places in the world.
  7. ^^^^ Love that. Looks fantastic, well done !
  8. Thanks for that piece of advice, duly noted. 99% of the time i'll have the car just need the bike road fit in emergencies so no biggy.
  9. Ok, thanks guys for basically confirming my initial thoughts. One final hypothetical question for a bit of fun, If Toni Bou entered an amatuer event somewhere near you on a tricked up 80's Twinshock against the locals on modern bikes how do you think he would fare ?
  10. Thanks for the great reply Scatman. I appreciate it. I intend to ride in Twinshock (as i have a passion for old bikes) at the lowest lvl there is lol. I too have the TLR200 1983 as it was the only bike i could find at reasonable money in good nick, runs super quiet (where i ride i dont want people to be disturbed) and most important of all road registered as i have also to use for nipping around on. Work etc. by the sounds of things and speaking to some specialist TLR guys for what i want to do just getting rid of the excess wieght should be ok for starters. and as i improve i can alter footrests and steering angle and do alsorts to the engine and shocks etc. so sounds like a lot of scope for improvement as and when i need it.
  11. I suppose what i'm trying to say is, from what ive seen so far, Really good Trials riders seem to go through a section with control grace and cat like balance. It stands out like a sore thumb, No amount of throwing money at the sport can make that happen. It seems to me its this ability that gets the rider clean through the section rather than what bike or gear he has. Theres a video on Youtube somewhere showing a modern day top trials rider messing about on a 80's Twinshock clearing things alot of people would be proud of on a modern bike.
  12. I'm just starting out in this sport and doing alot of reading, It seems to me (correct me if i'm wrong) that alot of people are hung up on having the best bike or the best gear as though it is going to improve performance ? I'd like to bet if you put a Toni Bou or a Dougie Lampkin on an ancient machine in the cheapest gear you can get would still massacre most. Thoughts ?
  13. Old Topic i know, but still relevant, I bet if you put any top trials rider of your choice in a pair of MX Boots and most of us on here in the best Trials boots money can buy we would still get hammered. My two penath.
  14. Theres also Twinshock (bikes upto the early 80's scene).
  15. Benvenuto ! sono palare un po italiano. Mia moglia Italiana anche mia bambini tutti habita da Ingliterra alora. Quando io habita in Italia, Habita Modena e Bologna. Dove Sei ?
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