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  1. Hi as Pete says halfords primer worked for me also, not sure how long it lasted as I sold the bike shortly after,last year I met a guy who rides with the bon accord club and his scorpa was done in a wrap, very effective and looked a realy good finish, and quite hard wearing according to the owner. might be worth considering, I`m sure he said it was only
  2. You may find this of onterest My link
  3. would lampkins really change the main bearings for £100 ? best to call and ask but payed 98 plus postage but that was 18 months - 2 years ago. Iam talking about sending only the shaft all other work by self Its a precision job not a difficult job. I`m confusing the issue here, by main bearing I mean the big end bearing, always been main bearing to me and what everyone else refers to as mains is crankshaft bearings to me sorry for confusion. crankshaft bearings don`t sieze, they are normally roller or needle so collapse rather than sieze Whiz
  4. Hi Whip the barrel off and check to see if the con rod moves on the shaft, the noise may have been the main bearing siezing up and the piston taking lumps out of the cyclinder wall, which is one possibility for the kickstart not moving, with most other failures you get some sort of movement in the kick start but not with the mains. If it is take the engine out stick it in a box and post it to lampkins and you will have it back in a week minus around
  5. Not Trials related I know. But Scotland and rallying have lost one of it`s greatest drivers A truly nice guy and a tragic loss Whiz
  6. Hi We have had Beta`s for years and there is not one answer to your problem, I`ve come to the conclusion that they all work but the real answer is luck. what I now do, is split the caliper, remove the pistons and carefully fill the caliper with fluid then very gently push each of the pistons back in, this is not easy as they have to be really tight for them to work, but only to the point where they have entered the seal, ie a couple of mm then when you have all the pistons entered ease them in in rotation as gently as poss untill all the way home, you should see air being pushed out, then re-assemble the caliper making sure that all oil ways are overflowwing with fluid. fit the caliper to the bike and bleed the rest of the system before you fit the pipe, end of pipe in a container full of fluid and pump till there is no air, make sure you have the caliper full of fluid then fit the pipe, fingers over the end untill last minute, fit banjo, slowly pumping as you tighten it up to get rid of air and the jobs a good un. The air in my experience always gets traped in the caliper behind the pistons where it can move about and not get expelled. This may not work for you, as I said it seems to be down to luck and perseverance. All the best Whiz
  7. Thanks guys got it done. Dead simple
  8. Hi Are you sure that the bars are bent? If your mate ran into a tree with the front wheel at speed it may be that the forks are twisted. Not as serious as it sounds, simply loosen off all the fork clamps a little, both top and bottom yolkes. Give the front end a good shake about, if it has twisted then with it all loose everything should settle back into it`s proper place. tighten up the clamps and have a ride around, you may find all is ok. bars don`t bend easy it usually takes a direct impact on the bars themselves at full lock and a fall from a great height. Hope you are lucky and don`t need to shell out Cheers Whiz Edit SNAP
  9. Hi Folks can anyone out there give me an idea of whats involved in replacing the gear selector shaft on a 08 4t, and point me to where i can find a diagram or anything that might help, is it an engine out job? Many thanks in advance Whiz
  10. Hi as prreviously stated simply push the fuel cap breather pipe into the aux tank pipe, this can be a bit awkward as it is a tight fit when re-fueling pull the original breather off of the cap rather than pulling pipes apart. This has worked for my young un for the last rwo scottish`s without any problems. I can see where Bigwig is comming from, i did wonder about that, but we ran the tank for a long time before the Scottish without any hassel, but if you have the skills to do as Bigwig has done then it will do no harm The only comment would be that my young fella will never use the revs that Alex would, therefore not the same demands are being made of the breather system Either way they are a great piece of kit if a little pricey whiz
  11. world trials now on eurosport 2 A whole 2 hours worth enjoy
  12. world championship trials now on eurosport 2 now A whole 2 hours worth enjoy
  13. the only other start stop i can remember is the safeways carpark before it was built "if you`d seen those roads before they were made you`d lift up your hands and bless General Wade"
  14. Mark Got to agree the West End is a nightmare. The mountain bike world cup seems to do all right being out of town, would the parade still take place and town hall Brae and the finnish podium still be as is? If so then I think it would work ok. Mind you there would be one hell of a que at Leanachan monday morning ps Might not be so good for the trade stands though
  15. Hi i echo the previous posts, excellent work, very well done. Got to say the TC dvd and the CJB dvd are really quite different both giving an excellent overview of the SSDT in thier own style. As for the music debate there were three of us watching your dvd and almost in unison said ''it`s a pity you can`t hear the bikes" I appreciate how difficult it is with back ground noise and the amount of work that would be involved in choosing the footage where you can hear bikes and fading in and out from music and back again but if some kind of mix was possible I think it would improve an all-ready great dvd. The music choice was great by the way but the sound of a trials bike is also music HaHa Thanks again Whiz