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Need easier clutch pull for RL250

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Strip the clutch right down, thoroughly inspect all working surfaces such as plates, basket drum and hub. Remove any burrs, rough edges and check for high spots on the clutch plates. Measure each clutch pressure spring and compare. Test compression of each spring by either putting two facing each other in a vice and compressing by half and see if both measure same, check all the same way. Decide if you will be happy with deleting a couple of springs as this may cause unwanted slippage and even warping of the clutch plates. Replace the clutch cable as you seem to have been ok with a new one two years ago! Check the handlebar clutch lever pivot and pin for wear and replace if needed. Decide if another type and shape of lever might offer you more leverage and ensure everything is lubricated with oil and pivots are sealed with grease. Make sure the oil being used in the clutch is the best recommended. When reassembling the clutch get someone to rotate the clutch (cover off) and ensure it runs centrally and all the plates show no signs of out of alignment. Consider slipping some plastic tube/hose onto the clutch lever to cushion your finger, try to use two fingers if you are able. Hope this helps. I tend not to use the clutch once underway just bang up or down through the box, dog boxes are designed to take this method of operation, the clutch is just a convenient way of getting away from standstill; unless you’re Rossi using the clutch as a braking means! 

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16 hours ago, section swept said:

What’s wrong with using two fingers if you need to operate the clutch? 

Perhaps nothing. On my Fantic 200 I flit between one-finger and two-fingers. I don't think there's any significant difference. But then, that's just me, and my riding is hardly a recommendation to anyone.

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