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Sherco 300 ST Factory Suspension Setup Help

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After many hours searching the web and these pages I've noticed that there was not much information on what the standard settings should be for the Reiger Rear Shock / After Contacting Reiger , Friendly staff helped me with my Shock Manual once i sent them my Serial.

These are the recommended settings for the Reiger 2 way (even though its 3 including Spring) shock that comes with the 2018 300 ST Factory.

The standard adjustment for your shock will be:

 Compression: 20 open.

Rebound: 35 open.

Preload: 8mm.


Here are the settings that work best for me so far. I weigh 72 Kg with Gear.

Compression 20

Rebound 38

Preload 8mm

From Fully Turned clockwise / Compression (Purple Dial) 20 clicks anti clockwise from fully closed clockwise (bought the Reiger Tool online) makes it easier to get to the Dial /

Rebound (tight squeeze at top of shock with a very small screw driver) Hard to see with the Frame , Buts its there , Just check at the top of the shock mount and under the subframe. 

Preload 8mm

(would like to see this accessible while the bike still has its plastics on) Future Plans Sherco !!!

I thought id post these settings for other users so that they could add information about how they setup their bikes and also to compare what the standard settings are from factory Sherco/Reiger themselves /

My Factory 2018 300 was nowhere near the recommended settings from Reiger just to point out.

The Fork was also Not set to standard settings /

Here Are the standard settings for the Tech Fork

Compression 16 - 22 clicks (depending on outside Temperature)

Preload is set at half way from fully closed clockwise /


I sent Pat Smage a message on Youtube to which he responded , But only gave the basic settings for what he adjusted on his 2018 Factory Sherco.

Pat went 2 clicks to the right on his Shock and Made the Compression Softer on his Tech Fork.

Pats a serious rider and if you watch his videos You'll see how good his skills are / and how well the bike behaves while hopping and splatting !

I'm waiting for word back as regards his current settings.

If any of You guys could help out with this Topic please add some information / I'm sure there would be a lot of Sherco owners our there happy to have the information all in one place.

Thanks Greski.


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I bought a set of those Reiger C-Spanners and replaced the 70N spring with 72.5N, then 75N and finally settled with 80N spring on my previous GasGas TXT 280 Racing for my 200 pound rider weight with Reiger shock. Sold the GG over a year ago, but still use those C-Spanners on many different spring preload adjusting collars.

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Would love to know PS settings using Tech forks and Rieger shock.  New TRS with this set up and it appears that even with the spring wound off on the shock there is no sag?  Also agree with backing the fork compression off, Haven't checked my out now for factory settings but will be taking compression off for sure.  Please let us know the PS settings if you get them, it will be interesting to see his preference. 

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Pat Replied on Youtube /


Highlighted reply
Fork: Preload 5 turns out Damping 19 clicks out Shock: Rebound 38 clicks out Preload 8mm Compression 9 clicks out Looks like your compression is quite a bit different, might be worth a try. Stay tuned for a video on this coming soon. Thanks, -Pat

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