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  1. What are you running for final gearing Dan? Having tried 9/43 gearing with good results on my Evo 300, I'm now running 10/48 and finding 2nd gear very adequate for plonking around in sections with my 20 Evo 300 Factory. Clutch is also working very well.
  2. Beta offers clutch spring retaining washers that are flat, without any recess on spring pre-load on Evo 200, but also builds the Evo 250/300 models with retaining washers that are 1.5mm offset on one side and flat (no offset) on the other. Dan designed a 3mm offset washer; which used flat head allen screw to replace the OEM Evo clutch parts and can significantly reduce the amount of pressure needed to operate the clutch at the clutch lever. IMO, this is a much better solution than removing 2 of 6 clutch springs (which will most likely cause the clutch to slip in higher gears).
  3. I think I got the last set the dealer had & you certainly helped me out with a handful of flat-head allen screws. Since the Evo 300 (and possibly Evo 250) already come with the red anodized 1.5mm offset clutch spring retaining washers; I've had good success using (3) 1.5mm offset washers; along with (3) 3mm offset washers you designed. Clutch pull is relatively easy and no noticeable slipping in higher gears.
  4. 1997 to 2001 Model Trials bike is going to depend on how hard a life it's had so far... Tires, chain, sprockets, brake pads, rotors, levers, grips and footpegs are typical wear parts and still available, since they share fitment with many newer model bikes. Though a 1999 model can be 23 years old, many of the parts you mentioned rarely even need replacing. Used bike prices are pretty high lately, so be cautious when buying something so old.
  5. I started off on GasGas TXT 280 and right off the bat it needed smaller front sprocket and flywheel weight. Evo 200 is ideal starter bike, though even the 11/42 stock gearing seemed a bit tall for me, since I'm carrying 25-30 pounds more than you, so I like 10/42 or 10/43 gearing. My Evo 300 certainly has plenty of grunt, and I prefer 9/43 gearing (over stock 10/42) but adding a heavier SS Flywheel certainly tames the bike down. I prefer 2nd gear or even 3rd gear for bigger hills when riding sections on the 300.
  6. Beginning in 2019 the Beta Evo bikes no longer have a switch to turn off the headlight. Personally, I prefer the light on all the time; to make sure there is power available for radiator fan to turn on, as needed. If you want to turn light off, just unplug connector to it.
  7. Up close view of 2021 Beta Evo Factory 200 Flywheel, which now appears to be very similar to the Flywheel used in the bigger brother Evo 250/300 models, but turned down for less Mass. S3 Flywheel weight Part# FW-BE (weighs 13.7 oz.) was intended for older Evo 250-290 models (with plastic flywheel cover), but should fit at least through 2019 Beta Evo 200 Standard models. Here is reference of Flywheels for later model Beta Evo models: 2021 Evo 200 Factory stock flywheel (as shown in picture) weighs 5 lbs, 4 oz. 2016 Evo 300 stock flywheel weighs 6 lbs, 4 oz 2016 Evo 300 Super Smooth (Beta Part# AB-80015-H) weighs 6 lbs, 14 oz
  8. Get in touch with Mike Komer in Locke, NY; if you are interested in TRIALS, and not necessarily just "Trail Riding". Tryalshop.com is web site for contact information. He also has many sections already built for Trials. 3DTrials.org is for Upstate Eastern New York (we just had an event in Preston/Oxford, NY last Sunday) District4Trials.org is for Upstate Western New York (there is event scheduled for this Sunday in Cuba, NY)
  9. I believe you are experiencing a short somewhere in the headlight harness, that prevents the DC voltage from properly getting to your radiator fan & tail light. I noticed in my 16 Evo 300, when the headlight was connected; there are 2 insulated pins that connect to Halogen bulb and the insulation wore through letting the 2 wires have intermittent short-circuit. The above solution that lineaway suggests would help resolve this issue.
  10. Beta makes special tool for that fork cap, costs around $60. Someone posted on FaceBook that they can make them for much less.
  11. I bought some Castrol Water Pump grease to lubricate impeller shaft and oil seal inner surface from Rimmerbros.co.uk. Castrol Water Pump Grease (for Gland Type Water Pumps NLG14) It seems to work well, but also think that a waterproof wheel bearing grease would suit this need.
  12. BPR7ES is projected tip, but same heat range as BR7ES. Either spark plug will work fine.
  13. heated ultrasonic cleaner with diluted simple green for a few cycles is worth a try to clean out clogged jets
  14. I have '16 Evo 300 that has plenty of snap when I need it, but I customized it to help with going slower in tight sections. Went from 10/42 stock gearing to 10/44 and use 1st gear for most everything, except bigger hill climbs like 2nd gear. Modified Domino white "fast action" throttle tube to be "slow action, just off idle", then fast action for anything over 1/4 throttle. Also tried Super Smooth heavier flywheel (+10 ounces over stock) and added weighted "Anti-Stall Primary Gear". Combination of both was too much; so went back to stock flywheel - keeping weighted primary gear. I compete with EVO 200 and it really is the perfect bike for sections, but doesn't have the grunt for riding the loop trail that the 300 has. For bushwhacking, hands down, the 300 will pretty much go anywhere with no complaints.
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