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  1. Our event is going to be July 17 and 18 next year.
  2. If clubs can have a vintage line then I think we could easily include one for our July two day.
  3. Well, the loop is going to be roughly around 4 miles based on google earth. We have 10 different sections both days featuring rocks, logs, off cambers, hills, and a pretty fun hill climb for Sunday. Did I mention rocks? I don't remember if you were here for the very first event we had, but we'll be using what is probably the biggest rock pile around again. I think we're planning on some sort of pot luck dinner for Saturday night, but I'm not sure if Paul has worked out all the details yet or not. Should be lots of fun!
  4. There is a pond, but it really isn't too pretty! Hopefully you can make it both days!
  5. The sites are pretty big, shouldn't be any problem. He is usually lucky to get even 1 or 2 campers on a weekend so I don't think he is used to doing pre-registrations but we'll save you a sewer site if we can. See ya at the event!
  6. Sounds like you guys had fun, although I'm sure it wasn't nearly as much fun as attending a dog show!
  7. Hey guys, looks like it's going to be a nice weekend. I think we'll have some pretty fun sections set up. Everything will still be on the side of the property it has been but we did settle with the neighbors and we can use the other side if we pay some road maintenence money so maybe next year. Went to court today to fight the zoning ticket and despite the best effort of the zoning lady and their attorney, the judge ruled that we are not operating a racetrack! See everyone on Sunday! Aaron
  8. If anyone that is going to the MN National is in need of a hotel room, contact me at 517 * 749 * 3437. I reserved two rooms at the Red Roof Inn in Duluth way back in April but now I only need one and they tell me it's too late to cancel the other one! Aaron Brandenburg
  9. Is the two day format the way to go? I really liked the two day format for that location. It was nice to make a weekend out of it and the after event going to dinner and camping out was almost as much fun as the event itself. Trailloop length? I thought the trail was awesome! It was nice to have a longer and slightly tougher with the ruts Trials Inc style loop here in Michigan. I also think it was plenty Beginner friendly compared to some of the shale and sandstone filled creekbeds you sometimes find in TI events that can be much tougher than the novice sections themselves! Difficulty of sections? Tougher? Easier? I thought the sections seemed about right for the most part. Looking at the novice scores, maybe those could be made just a little bit harder. More big stuff for Adv- Experts? I thought there was a pretty good balance between the big and the technical for expert anyways. As for the hopping, I think a lot of the sections could be ridden without much hopping but a lot of riders, myself included, add in some extra hopping to open up a better line at something as they feel there is less risk of dabbing while hopping as opposed to riding a trickier line. It's really hard to set up sections and accomodate all the classes and keep the the upper class riders from hopping around and finding different lines than the setup crew intended or even thought of using ribbon and splits, but that is a seperate discussion in itself! Food concessions? Didn't know there was any. Cost of event-Camping and electric fees? Seemed like a good deal to me! Distance? A little over 3 hours for me making it the furthest event but being a two day made the distance a non-issue.
  10. Hey Sam, thanks for having us and hosting such a great event! Dad and I had a blast! No need to apologize for the hard sections, I didn't think anything was dangerous and it feels pretty good towards the end of the trial when you finally clean or get a one in a tricky section that you had been getting a three in all day!
  11. You're fine if your AMA is current. The notarized release is now optional this year for the competition membership and not required like last year, I renewed mine without it. It is however suggested that those with minors get it for their minors because as Sam said, without it they'll either need both parents present at the event to sign or a signed and notarized waiver from the parent or parents not in attendance. From the MOTA rulebook, "Section 6. Section 6. No rider under the legal age of majority in the state or province in which the meet takes place may compete without the written consent (signature on liability releases and entry forms) of his/her parents or legal guardians present at the meet. An authorized adult acting on behalf of the parents or legal guardians must provide a notarized statement indicating they have been given the authority by the parent or legal guardian to be responsible for the minor during the meet." I know it's a pain but I guess the AMA has had some lawsuit problems with a child getting hurt and the other parent filing suit because they did not approve of the activity.
  12. Is this guaranteed or your money back?
  13. Hey Keith, thanks for sharing the great photos from the exhibition, those two you sent me are awesome! Aaron
  14. A little late I know, but my mom has a bunch of photos from the New Mexico rounds of the NATC Nationals on her site here. http://www.thornappleaussies.com/observedt...rialsntls07.htm There are also some pictures from our Mid-Michigan MOTA events and the Ryan Young Trials School here. http://www.thornappleaussies.com/observedt...ervedtrials.htm
  15. Yup, I think Maria and I are both going to ride Ohio next weekend if the weather ain't too bad. At this point, I'm planning on doing a Thursday through Monday trip for Florida, but also in conjunction with a dog show again which is 4 miles from the trials site.
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