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    New Owner of Swm

    Hi The manual that has been kindly sent to me from motoswm shows 1200ml of oil and recommends oil drainage through the two black plastic screw caps on the clutch cover and lay her on her side. This is so the bash plate doesn't need removing which can be a bit of a hassle to refit. This may not be a concern in your current state of disassembly.
  2. reginald

    New Owner of Swm

    Nice Pick up by the way...
  3. reginald

    New Owner of Swm

    Does any body know whether this model came standard with a black frame? I thought the 81 82 TLs came with the pernod blue colour?
  4. reginald

    Swm 1982 Clutch Fix

    Yep plates were barnett if anyone is chasing the part no. drop us a PM. And that should read AU $35 as in Australian dollars although there are roughly the same at the moment.
  5. reginald

    Swm 1982 Clutch Fix

    Hi Guys, A very helpful past owner of my 1982 tl 320 let me know how he set the clutch up. As follows: replaced clutch springs with 6 xr 650 valve springs A$35.00, whacked on a venhill clutch cable and uses a magura lever rather than standard It works like a ty now, its great. I believe the plates were replaced with barnetts but still confirming that.
  6. Hi, Just a clubman but was shown the tip of using the brake against the clutch and this technique is almost mandatory on sharp turns on our twin shock lines.....it is also great for manoeuvring road bikes in tight u turns.
  7. OK, answered my own question by reading this cool forum. I have seen it on the 81 engine parts manual as well and the user manual so i think the evidence is overwhelming [David?]. Thanks Woody for the web site link.
  8. Was wondering about any variations in SWM TL320s regarding the fitment of decompression devices. My Australian 1982 model has one fitted and another I'm buying does not. In the 1982 Australasian Dirt Bike magazine it has one fitted. And the 1980 or 81 model article in Trail and Track [now defunct] has it fitted as well. Also anybody got some ideas on where to source pistons and ring kits for the 280 cc?
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