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  1. what was wrong with the earlier aprilias?
  2. Condenser replaced - sweet as a nut. Thanks to all the people that gave hints. That condenser was only a few hours old so it was not up there on the things to change first....
  3. reginald

    Swm 320 Jumbo

    Standard going by this one - before and after http://www.classicrider444.com/2011/10/05/swm-jumbo-restoration-david-phillips/
  4. Thanks B40rt will swap condenser then others. It is a new one ......
  5. reginald

    Swm 320 Jumbo

    Very nice!!!! Is this a 84 model??
  6. Hi Guys, the story is all here http://www.trials.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=7485 Latest theory is disk valve jumping spline or cracking any thoughts or theories appreciated.
  7. reginald

    Frame Dimensions

    Also at http://www.swm-moto.org/0_uk/?p=datasheets.php the spreadsheet indicates no difference in chassis dimensions or even suspension type.
  8. reginald

    Frame Dimensions

    My guess is the same based on that article/post where somebody made a 200cc bike from a bored 125cc and i believe a lady may have competed on it and possibly at the SSDT. Additionally from the photos the bottom end of the motor looks identical to the 240/320. Been wrong before........
  9. reginald

    Swm 1982 Clutch Fix

    Had the clutch actuating arm lengthened by 3mm, and fitted domino off no. 2 bike and its nice and light but now I can't disengage the clutch fully without using my whole hand i.e. holding the lever in so it hits my other two fingers does not disengage it fully. No biggy but swings and round abouts eh? Will slip in 6th gear if you wind on too quick from low revs but Ive incorrectly been using a low cost car engine oil and changing it frequently assuming it wont have friction modifiers in it as it is cheap. Will try a castrol gearbox oil and if it still slips might try some of the springs suggested above.
  10. So I have test ridden the bike with the suspension upgrades. The Betor expert shocks are set on second softest preload and are 360mm in length, the falcons i had on were 355mm but maybe 40lb springs and some spec. sheets showed 355mm as standard from memory. The SMP hard fork springs [ pursang?] were approx. 60mm proud of the top of fork and i used 5wt oil in one set of forks with 220ml and they were topping out a fair bit. On a second set of forks used 5 wt and ATf mixed 6040 respectively [dont ask - i think i been in the shed too long] and no topping out and great action. Ive gained some ground clearance, the wheels feel very planted and its taking bigger hits [for me anyway] like they are not there. lesson learned - one set of betor forks has a 10mm deep fork seal so the double up bully 35mms don't fit.
  11. Yep intake manifold spilt on engine side replaced with my no. 2 bike and she's running sweet as a nut . . its just like X mas - be practising with the daughter tomorrow for sure.
  12. Cool thanks Martin we have done the crank side seal once and then had the engine rebuilt with new seals. Is it possible for a leak in the manifold to really chew through some gear box oil in your opinion.
  13. Thanks, that's the only thing that makes sense at the moment.
  14. Well 7 months and i got the engine back and spent the last 8 hours in the shed putting her back together. Started second kick and sounded so crisp and as i rode off for a while and she felt great.....THEN she started smoking like a chimney [ you could smell the gearbox oil] and running badly. Exactly how it was before it was before it was stripped down. In summary it has a complete rebuild with new parts and had the cases remachined and three bonded. Is there any components on the rotary disc side that can be reassembled incorrectly to allow gearbox oil through? Although I doubt this is the answer as like I said its doing what it did before the rebuild.
  15. Ummm i know us convicts aren't real clever but its higly likely the bits in the photo were stitched together in the Mother Country.
  16. Any wisdom from the Northern Hemisphere?? Click on this one: http://www.trials.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=7408
  17. Too good not too share http://ozvmx.com/com...p?topic=23901.0
  18. My 1976 Ty 175 jc recently improved with electronic ignition, falcon shocks, SMP front pipe, Finna air filter, new chain and sprockets and second hand old school tall renthal bars. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150789768314243&set=a.487836844242.272326.564309242&type=1&theater
  19. You can also use stringline to do a ruff check. Google "motorcycle stringline wheel alignment" and then images and off you go.
  20. reginald

    Bar Rises

    Couple of other threads on this one if you want to pop risers in the search engine on this site.....one of the most recent pointed at these http://www.roxspeedfx.com/cgi-bin/cart/showitems.cgi?subcat_id=297 Im 6ft 4 and I have some old renthals that are 200mm rise at the end tips which i like alot. I also have some borrowed prototypes which maybe around 240 - 260 ie mini apes - they are probably around 30-40mm to high.....however you pull it off Id be telling you nothing that ergos are very important. Here's a shot of me on Feetup funs TY with the mini apes http://www.trials.com.au/forum/download/file.php?id=6694&mode=view
  21. reginald


    Hmmmmm the "Reginald no nonsense bar height measuring standard". I like it.
  22. Yes Andy SS one and that that made sense to me. Hi OTF - e mailed Richard and I like you idea - One I can do it with my skills and my limited workshop gear and 2. I like the idea of damping vibration between the two sections.
  23. Hi All, Can somebody help with some tips on fitting the SMP front pipe to the standard mid section on a TY175? I'm guessing I need to leave part of the standard front pipe attached to the mid section and then fit the SMP front pipe over it. Thinking I would then slot the front pipe where it connects over the standard mid section and use a hose clamp to attach. Been advised that this will mean some resizing of the front pipe to fit over the standard diameter pipe at front of mid section. Id prefer this to welding as 1. I dont have a welder and 2. this will make disassembly/reassembly easier. Thanks
  24. Agree with Old trials fanatic on TY. I have Ty175 and its great. SWM is a great bike for me as a novice [and i love the fact its rare in Oz, has a wonderful engine and handles beautifully [and my daughter at 15 loves riding it]. Maybe not so flash if you going to your own engine rebuilds but thats out my league anyway. Last plug for twinshocks promise - the people that ride them are generally friendly, helpful and are interested in the machine not just winning......with that said I like em all - people and bikes.
  25. Nice SWMs on Italian e bay - I have two tl320s - great to ride $2K EACH - around a grand on parts to date and 2k on labour - parts and advice are great - just check out the bike specific forums for more info. Id agree with wayne tho' these wont be the cheapest way to go but they are the coolest......
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