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    What rise feetupfun?
  2. Like looking at old girls try http://www.trials.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3821
  3. http://www.trials.com.au/forum/download/file.php?id=6552&mode=view
  4. Did you have any luck Brian ....I've scored some TL250 for nicks and guess what no tank. this one may fit and looks.... well ugly but it wont rust..... http://www.clarkemfg.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=44&products_id=441
  5. Well she's been dismantled recently and the induction valve cover o ring looked stuffed ie flat it also appeared to sucking air thru cases. Splitting the cases was worth while as kickstarter engagement dogs were chipped. Piston still standard and didn't need re bore - so new rings only. gearbox and big end was fine [those main bearings are huge]. Looking fwd to having her back together.
  6. So i am currently ordering betor shocks 360mm 50 lb springs [cheaper than replacing my falcon springs and new collars and rebuild] and pursang length springs from Sammy Miller Products......$153 aus dollars plus freight for both!!!! see how we go. At this price I might even investigate pressing heim style bushes into the Betors.
  7. Gday All, As someone who is over getting rust out of a steel tank i thought it would be fun [torture] to see some photos of tank alternatives for TY175s. I really like the KATO shaped tanks....
  8. reginald

    1980s SWM

    That would be about $521 Australian dollars.....Id get three . reasons 1. i love SWMs; 2. it would be perfect for my 15year old daughter; 3. make a 200cc replica - very cool and very handy; 4. running gear seems similar to my tL 320S [bottom end too?????] so its good for spares.
  9. reginald

    Tl 250 Handlebar Hight

    Actually dont look that bad and you keep your triple clamps standard - how high have you raised them approx.?
  10. I was coached by a buddy who suggested on a slick uphill bank to try and centre your weight over the bike so you are neither pulling or pushing on the bars. It sounds so obvious but when I practised this it made me more aware of my body positioning and the improvement in grip was immediate. Also I concur with hrc_monty on "just practice going as slowly as possible keeping full control." I watched vdieo of my riding mate and then myself in the same section on the same twin shock bike [sWM] and no stop rules - in the section when I a***d it up i was a few seconds faster through the section then old mate. When i cleaned it was 1 second faster - not a golden rule but an observation.
  11. reginald

    Maico Trial

    Hi B40RT - the Puch trials bike prototyped with the rotax engine and then hit the road block you refer to....
  12. Hi, Here is my understanding of the situation. KTM has a electric production bike called a free ride [also with a detuned 350 4 stroke - very cool] - both sort of hybrid between trials and off road. You tube both for some great footage. Gas gas has a prototype ?????? Osset sells mini trials bikes - very cool. Looking fwd to when they are in production and cost effective - I believe the biggest minus of any off road sport has been noise - they cant hear us we are not there. Modern 4 strokes that get the noisy after market muffler are not helping - on an MX track out in the bush fine - close to residential - not good.
  13. reginald

    Tl 250 Handlebar Hight

    Hey the Roxxies look like the ultimate in adjust-ability and cheap too compared to Ballards.cc who had some in last year's catalogue that went up and fwd [or back]. its just a pity they look outta place on a twin shock IMO. I found a pair of second hand renthals with 200mm approx. height and they are perfect for me at 6ft 4in on a TY. I have another prototype that is around 260mm on a SWM with the sweep back mounts and I reckon that would be perfect at around 225 - 240mm. But you know screw anybody who may be offended by your mods - ergos are very important [esp. for non average sized riders] and its your bike! The other advantage of risers is that to swap between tall and ave rider height - leave the bar and its jewelry alone and just change the clamps in or out.
  14. @Taff4 - actually cash is an issue so the second one would be good to have go. The gearbox scares the crap out me tho'. But Peter does supply new shafts which is great news. TLs are pretty rare here. Is Brigend in Scotland?
  15. Hi, I have ridden Feetup funs bike and myself and another riding buddy rate it highly. It easily rides as good as a majesty and or my SWM in my opinion. Especially at my skill level. Ive seen the axle extenders for sale on e bay recently. My experience on the standard TY is that they are flighty when going uphill and a tendency to push the front wheel. Well done to whoever built that yellow TY ...very nice!!
  16. Thanks Bully Lover [and fellow Brisbanite - i was born there], definitely something to think about. Great solution to fork seals - 2 parts better than 4 - do you know rough cost? Are the fork springs are different rate and do they need preload spacers? Im interested in the NJB claim for their "Trik shox" in terms of low friction bushes adding to the quality of the action. I'm guessing these are different to expert shocks??
  17. Hi Guys, I noticed that the shocks are not parallel - the top being narrower. Based on the theory that this will put some side load on the shock pistons I was thinking NJBs might be the go? Any thoughts? Has anybody retrofitted any brand with heim style bearings aka last model of Husky twin shocks? Also can anybody recommend a supplier of betor springs - 98kgs c-d grade ability ? This site has springs, seals and dust covers as a deal - Betor kit. Any advice welcomed.
  18. What app encourages trials bike purchasing ..... i probably need to stay away from that one. Welcome back and enjoy.
  19. posting on your own post - is this like talking to yourself? From above all done but both engines need cases spilt - No.2 for gear stuck reported else where. No.1 - sucking air into crank - also reported elsewhere. In terms of the clutch fix - extended actuating arm in case 5-6mm, new cable and domino lever; lighter yes but obviously more travel and can't get clutch fully disengaged without going all the way into bar - will try magura and then amal both have closer pivot distances. My local bike mechanic did a great job on the enduro kicker, actuating arm and case repair and it looks stock. He also rebuilt my bent stand. Not worrying about decomp for no. 2 as hole has been welded up. If I come across another head may bother. Biggest advantage is easier kick starting for my 14year old daughter to ride it. My no.2 had betors which i assumed had 50lb springs but i think they were falcon 40lbs. No. 2 only has one mounting position which is further back than the forward mount option on no.1. They may have appeared stiffer due to less angle. Whichever the not quite right springs lost their bottom collars while riding. The reason I raise this as a novice I dont think going harder is a priority until you know "i go harder". With that said trying some 50lbs on the forward mount is next.
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